What Happened To Karol Gy Anuel? The Singer Reveals The Truth

What Happened To Karol Gy Anuel? The Singer Reveals The Truth

After the rumors about the separation between Karol GY Anuel were unleashed, the singer decided to stop everything and give an explanation of what happened

Strong were the rumors that Karol G and Anuel AA had ended their love relationship, the singer decided to do a live broadcast to confirm that they have stopped being boyfriends. The break is official, what happened? The followers of both are shocked that the couple no longer continue with their romance that seemed very serious.

Well they say that even love has an expiration date, the case of this couple, the rumors that they had already ended have been coming for several months. So to put an end to the rumors, the couple decided to do a live broadcast, and added a message to make it more than clear.

They are no longer a couple! They finished, Karol G and the singer Anuel AA, it was the Puerto Rican Anuel AA, 28, who said that they have not been together for 4 months, but that he continues to love her, said that love was intact, which will always be there for Karol G.

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"Karol and I have not been together for like 4 months and we don’t have a bad relationship or bad communication," explained Puerto Rican singer Anuel AA.

To then continue with the explanation of their breakup: "We are fine, that’s why they have seen us together: I love her and she loves me, but she definitely decided to take her course just like me."

This is how the love of these two great reggaeton singer has taken different directions that they have to give each other a space, it is not known if with the passage of days or months they miss each other so much that the love in the couple resurfaces.

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Anuel AA has asked his followers not to make offensive comments against anyone, he made it clear that it is a decision that they made between the two by mutual agreement.

"I understand her and love her, she must continue to meet her goals as she has done so far, and that is what there is, they are things that happen in life, just to make it clear, because every day they ask me the same thing" , assured Anuel AA.

Finally, the singer was grateful to his friends and family for having been part of this beautiful love story that officially ends today:

“Thank you all for joining us in our follies. The love we felt from everyone during these almost three years was unmatched, incredible and vibrating together with you was magical. I love you, Emmanuel, my gratitude to you and your family ”.