Smoothie To Strengthen Defenses To Prevent Diseases!

Smoothie To Strengthen Defenses To Prevent Diseases!

Not only do we have to worry about hygiene between the coronavirus, we also consume smoothies that strengthen the immune system and give defenses

Preventing the body against possible contagion of diseases is something that we must do in reality all year round, now that the coronavirus disease is present and the climate changes there are smoothies that help us strengthen our defenses.

When we are well on the inside, look on the outside, when they tell us that we look sick it is because our face and body is showing something that we do not see with the naked eye, a daily juice fills you with vitamins and energy.

The shakes to strengthen the defenses contain ingredients with essential vitamins and minerals so that our immune system mainly works in tandem with our activities and the environment, avoiding getting sick.

Smoothie to strengthen defenses. To prevent diseases !. Photo: Pixabay

Green food is something that we must include in our daily diet, it does not impose the way in which we consume it, if you are one of those who are not satisfied with a good relish, you can do it in juice and for this season they create a shield of protection.

Vitamin C is what helps fight free radicals in the body that cause oxidation and generate diseases, you have to consume ingredients with high antioxidant content.

Smoothies to strengthen defenses

All those that we present to you will be made in a blender and preferably be consumed during the morning so that the rest of the day you feel energized, this being a symbol that you are healthy, fatigue and lack of spirit is an alert of possible illness .

Smoothie 1 : Three sticks of celery, a kiwi, five strawberries, three kale leaves which contain a lot of iron, all this mix with a glass of coconut water and is a natural medicine to prevent diseases.

Smoothie 2 : Two kale leaves, half a cucumber, a handful of parsley, a centimeter of ginger or a teaspoon powder, a cup of blueberries, and a cup of orange juice, lots of vitamin C and goodbye to cold.

Smoothie 3 : A cup of coconut water, half a tablespoon of turmeric powder, half an avocado tastes very rich in smoothie, an inch of ginger, and to sweeten you can add a date, rich, natural and full of vitamins and minerals.

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