They reveal that Eleazar Gómez would be released from jail in 15 days

They reveal that Eleazar Gómez would be released from jail in 15 days

According to statements by Eleazar Gómez’s lawyer, the actor could be free in 15 days, here we provide you with the details of this possible release from jail

Everything seems to indicate that the actor Eleazar Gómez will be free in the next 15 days , why is this? Rumors suggest that the victim of aggression, the model Stephanie, could have forgiven him and that is because the statements provided by Eleazar’s lawyer to the program Ventaneando.

Many users on social networks have spoken out in disagreement because Model Stephanie has forgiven her attacker Eleazar Gómez. Recall that at dawn on November 5, Eleazar Gómez was accused of trying to strangle his girlfriend Stephanie Valenzuela.

And although at first she said that she would not grant the pardon, that everything should follow the legal course, the Peruvian model seems to have changed her mind and by forgiving him Eleazar would be out of jail in 15 days.

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The lawyer told the window that the Peruvian model accepted the payment for damages, that there was already an economic proposal and Eleazar’s ex-partner said that she accepted, but that she could the amount.

Eleazar Irving Torres’ attorney is about to enter into a good settlement with the plaintiff and thus fight for his client’s freedom. “We presented an expert opinion for the quantification of damages, which was presented to Miss Stephanie, she promised the following week to present hers, and on that to be able to reach a reparatory agreement.

"It is only the repair of the damage. Right now we are reaching an agreement for the repair of the damage, the quantification."

According to the lawyer, both Eleazar and his ex-partner Stephanie are calm and that the victim is ready to talk to his aggressor. It will be the other week between Monday and Tuesday that the answer will be given on the amount requested by the model.

"Very calm, in fact, right now the victim tried to talk and Eleazar, the defendant, did not allow it right now because of the transfer issue, but the two were quite calm, at least that’s how I noticed Stephanie and Eleazar, quite calm and they already wanted how talk"

Could it be that Stephanie forgave Eleazar Gómez? We will have to wait 15 days to know what the judge decides.