This is how you must look at a man to conquer him and make him fall in love

This is how you must look at a man to conquer him and make him fall in love

The eyes are the window to the soul, so if you want to conquer and fall in love with the man of your dreams, you just have to master those looks that you give him, perfect your technique and you will make him fascinated with you.

Love not only enters through the stomach as some say, in addition to learning and being an excellent cook or pastry chef , you must also master what your eyes transmit, so you must look at a man to conquer him and make him fall in love, if you do it well, you will see that Much faster he will approach you to know your name, your tastes and everything about you, you just have to be patient.

The eyes are the window of the soul, and if you want to be an expert in falling in love with the person in whom you already put all your interest, then this is how you should look at a man to conquer him and make him fall in love , he will feel attracted to you and will looking for the perfect excuse to get closer, if you know where to look and how, then that will score you too many points with it.

Your beauty and your personality are essential to drive your crush or that man who has his attention on you crazy, but another of your perfect seduction weapons is your gaze, remember that all the beautiful things that exist in your eyes are reflected in your eyes. your soul and in your heart, reveal your true intentions, so you must master very well those little glances that you send to your lover.

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This is how you must look at a man to win him over and make him fall in love. Photo: Pexels.

When you want to conquer a man or simply get his attention, surely you already have your own methods, from the way you walk, dress, touch your hair, smile, but you cannot forget something very important, the looks you send him. They can’t be overlooked, so take note of these tips so they can’t get their attention off you.

First try to make eye contact, face where he is or just with his back to him, he has to locate you and know that you are there, make yourself stand out from the others, laugh very hard or do something with which you manage to capture his attention, a Once you have located where you are, watch constantly, you will be able to send that feeling of being observed and you will notice that it is you.

Then give him some fleeting glances, when he realizes that you are looking at him, turn to the other side, but the second time he discovers you, hold his gaze and give him a smile, he will like that, you can also add other touches of flirtation, like playing with your hair or giving it a wink, you must make it not want to lose sight of you.

If you already have him too close to you, you can no longer let him go even with your eyes, try to talk face to face and give him a quick look at his lips, but let him realize, he will understand it as if you wanted to kiss him, then lower the Look and smile subtly, as if you are blushing, that will enchant him and also will not want to talk to anyone else.

If you are truly in love with him, then you will also have to transmit it to him with a simple look, let that tenderness, that love and those beautiful feelings that are in your heart and in your soul and that are directed to his person. know them through your eyes, conquer it in this way, watch it fixedly and make it lose itself in the light of your iris.