In Your Life You Will Only Have Three True Loves And They Will Mark You

In Your Life You Will Only Have Three True Loves And They Will Mark You

In life you will only have three loves that will mark you forever, have you already found them? In romance you have to go through some lessons that give you maturity for future relationships.

You can have many boyfriends throughout your existence, have adventures and have a good time with whoever you choose, but in your life you will only have three true loves that will mark you, have you already found them? Before you meet the right person to stay with him forever, you will have to experience two relationships before they will give you great lessons.

Psychology agrees that in your life you will only have three true loves that will mark you, since each one has different purposes that serve you to mature in sentimental matters, each one comes to you to make you experience different emotions and that prepare you for that moment. in which the real person with whom you will stay forever arrives.

Discover what are the three true loves that you have throughout your life, perhaps you are experiencing the second, the one in which you should not cling, because something good will always come if you learn to let go, or you can also already be with the third love of your life, the one with whom you have discovered that it was worth waiting so long to now have someone wonderful by your side.

In your life you will only have three true loves and they will mark you. Photo: Pexels.

First love: The first love can be born in high school or in the adolescence stage, it is cataloged as THE LOVE THAT SEES GOOD, because it is mere attraction, since you are looking to hang out with the most popular boy in school, usually He becomes your first boyfriend, that is why he marks your life, because it is the first love relationship in which you commit yourself in your life.

In this first love, what matters is how others perceive you, how they see you, but not how you and your partner feel, love here is rosy, it is thought that relationships are eternal and will last forever, while Others tell them that you look very good together, you will not hesitate to continue, but it ends when you change schools or finish a school year.

Second love: This second love is one that is stronger than your will and that on many occasions becomes unhealthy or as they currently call it, "toxic relationship", since you experience manipulation situations, where you go through more drama situations, fights, jealousy that all of happiness, but still you are still there, because you think that it is clean and real love.

The second love is the one with which you have a most exhausting relationship, where neither of you is happy, but for some reason they think that when you love, you suffer, they create a most wrong concept of love, until one of the two decides to end that most conflictive and mature relationship, this relationship leaves you with great lessons.

Third love: The third love of your life is THE TRUE LOVE, the one that arrives when you do not expect it, it can even arrive at the stage where you are healing your wounds from that toxic relationship, it appears at a stage where you no longer believe in romance, where you don’t want to know anything about cupid, but he teaches you how wonderful a relationship is, comes at a mature stage.

The relationship occurs naturally, there is no pressure and you do not give as much importance to what others say, it matters more how you feel yourself, there is physical attraction, but there is much more chemistry, feelings matter more than any Another thing, there is trust, there is a desire to fight for a relationship on the part of both.