Victoria Ruffo’s Daughter Posts Romantic Photo With Her Boyfriend

Victoria Ruffo's Daughter Posts Romantic Photo With Her Boyfriend

More in love than ever Vicky Fayad shared an image where she appears with her new boyfriend that went viral on social networks

The one who has not stopped sharing her happiness on social networks is Victoria Fayad, daughter of Victoria Ruffo, since a few days after announcing that she has a relationship , now the 16-year-old has shared a most romantic image with her boyfriend who in a few seconds became the sensation of social networks.

The media was left with their mouths open after the minor children of the so-called "Queen of soap operas", Vicky and Anuar, confessed that they already had love partners, a situation that made them happy in life. Now Victoria Ruffo’s daughter shares a romantic photo with her boyfriend. Although the girl tried to take her romance with a low profile, several Internet users on social networks already leaked some images of her with her beau.

Through various fan club accounts a snapshot was circulated in which you can see Vicky Fayad and her boyfriend hugging each other tenderly while posing smiling at the camera, during what is supposed to be the celebration of their first month of relationship, without However, what most attracted attention is that the couple already coordinates their outfits.

Vicky Fayad and her boyfriend. Photo: Instagram

The impact of the image was so great that in a few minutes it had already gone viral on different profiles, where apart from getting thousands of "likes" it unleashed a wave of compliments where his loyal followers and those of his famous mother were happy that You have found love and that you look the most in love and happy.

"How beautiful they look together", "They make a beautiful couple", "Very much in love, congratulations", "The youth romance is beautiful, enjoy", "Vicky enjoys this stage", "They look very good together", "Viva love "," Their faces of lovers "," So or more perfect the couple ", were some of the comments left to the excited couple.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Vicky Fayad, Victoria Ruffo’s youngest daughter caused a sensation on social networks for her romance, since a few weeks ago another image was leaked in which young people looked the most elegant with outfits at night and revealing for the first time the clearest face of her boyfriend, who was the target of all eyes and even some of the users stressed that he was very attractive.