The Loves Of Paquita La Del Barrio And Her Tragic History

The Loves Of Paquita La Del Barrio And Her Tragic History

She had a great love who was 30 years older than her, but it broke her heart, she knows who is the man she calls useless

Myth and reality of the loves that were part of the life of Paquita la del barrio, a woman who from a very young age suffered from poverty, did not finish elementary school for the same reason, on her way she found the love of her life, but this he had been 30 years old, and he was married. Here the complete story of one of the great interpreters against men.

Many times, when Paquita la del Barrio is mentioned, it is immediately said that she is a woman who hates men , what they do not know is that there is a whole story full of bad flavors in her life that led her to be one of the voices that she was throwing at men.

She was a very hard-working woman since she was little, she learned to cut coffee, to ride a horse, and it was among those paths that she sang from an early age, as the years passed and not having finished primary school, she got a job in the municipal presidency and she fell in love with the treasurer, a man who was married and made her two children.

Paquita of the neighborhood. Photo: Reformation.

Miguel Gerardo Paquita’s first love

This man was called Miguel Gerardo, when he saw that it was a second family, he took it to live in another town. Despite the fact that she considered him the great love of her life, this man made her live hell, according to her own testimony.

Until one day she analyzes the situation and not enduring the mistreatment, leaves her children in charge with her mother and went to try her luck, it was in 1970 that she traveled to Mexico City, she was accompanied on this adventure by her sister Viola, with whom he formed a duet called las golondrinas.

Things were not so easy, they came to live in a low-income house in Tepito, and as they say around there, the dead man and the closeted man stink after three days and they soon ran away from the house, they looked for another place, and luckily they got a job at a place called the northern bonfire.

His second love Alfonso Martínez

It was there that he met his second great love, Paquita decided to give himself a second chance with Alfonso Martínez, he is the famous useless that Paquita mentions so much in his songs. And it was precisely in that place where this peculiar style was born that has placed her as one of the interpreters of ranchera music.

Things were going very well with the new love, so much so that Alfonso sent for his children to be together with the family, soon the job proposals would arrive, they made him an invitation to Peru and Chile, there was only one problem, they did not want her her, only her sister Viola.

His twins die

This was the turning point for her to retire from singing, she decided to separate from her sister and put in an inexpensive kitchen, she cooked and soon they began to do well, she even got pregnant, she has twins and within weeks of being born, they inexplicably die .

This great pain was accumulating in the heart and in the soul of Paquita la del Barrio, and to this was added the death of her mother, as time passed and as a thing of fate, one of her nieces was torn between life and death, went for her and brought her to Mexico City, managing to save her life.

Adopt his niece

At the same time her brother gives it to her and she adopts her as her daughter, whom she named Martha Elena. It was 1984 and with her savings she recorded an album. And with that began the success of Paquita la del Barrio.

Paquita la del Barrio hospitalized for pulmonary thrombosis

Her husband did not get to sleep, because he went with the women, he was unfaithful every time he wanted, this made Paquita one day find a Chelo album and listened to the song blank check, from there the feeling for singing this guy is born of songs.

Divorces for infidelity

Over time and already empowered as a singer, she hires a private detective and discovers that her husband had a lover for 15 years, he had another family, and it is there that she decides to divorce.

From there she has taken refuge in music, in the lyrics of her songs causing all kinds of emotions to those who listen to her sing. And although in recent days her health has been delicate, it seems that there will be Paquita for a long time.

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