What To Do If A Girl Doesn’t Answer You Or Leaves You In Seen

What To Do If A Girl Doesn't Answer You Or Leaves You In Seen

Being ignored by a woman on WhatsApp hurts, and psychologically affects and makes you believe that something is wrong with you, however, it is better that you calm down and act intelligently

On multiple occasions, the lack of experience in love can lead you to make a series of mistakes, for example, if you act wrong while exchanging text messages and he is not responding to you or leaves you in sight; That is a warning sign, so be careful, because the way you act will depend on the fate that awaits you both, so it is important that you be clear about what you are going to do.

It can also happen that you are having a great time with someone in person, but when you send a text message to his mobile, he simply ignores it, this simple action completely knocks down the self-esteem of a man and makes him wrong to travel thinking that there is possibly something wrong with it.

However, you should know that there are multiple reasons why that girl is not answering you, either because she is busy studying, working or is in a meeting or conference, or because she simply does not know what to say to you, so before you go thorn , you better calm down and find out before you continue speculating.


Do not get angry: As much as you feel frustrated, sending a message to that girl in a harassing or aggressive tone is in terrible taste and you should not do it, simply because it affects your image, and that is something that you should take care of a lot, also, you do not know the real reason why he has not answered you.

Stay optimistic, your mind can make you believe things that are not. Photo: Pexels

Communicate the same day: contact her as soon as they have shared the phone numbers, since if you let time pass she will probably not recognize you, remember that due to the large amount of extortion that exists, many people decide not to answer for reasons security, so if it doesn’t have your number saved, it will most likely ignore you.

Do not harass her: Writing to her every day is not a good option, and with this you will not make her fall in love with you more, in addition, there will come a time when the conversation will become boring, better go out with your friends or do another type of more productive things that take you away from the phone.

You end the conversations: Make sure that she is not always the one who cuts off the conversations in the chat, simply because that will put you in the place of the needy, sometimes you end them in a respectful way, that will make you look good in their eyes and you You will give more to be desired, but be careful, do not apply it every time they are in communication because it will think that you are rejecting it.