Your Husband Doesn’t Touch You Anymore Because You Can’t Understand Certain Things

Your Husband Doesn't Touch You Anymore Because You Can't Understand Certain Things

If your intimate life is no longer what it was before, strong, intense and passionate; It will never be the same again if you do not understand these things that are happening to your holy man, or you understand them or the action is over

Problems in marriage are frequent, but there are times when they feel out of the ordinary, so you begin to question yourself and think if you are making a mistake, and with certainty it is likely that you are, that is, the changes in a man’s attitude they don’t happen overnight; So in today’s article we will reveal some reasons why your husband no longer touches you.

Could it be that this man no longer wants to be loving and passionate with you or anyone else? sounds illogical right? boys are boys, and these songs will always be favorites, but it all depends on whether the girl manages to ignite that flame of passion; And see that it is easy to do it, but if you are having problems to achieve it, it is because there are a number of things that you are not yet understanding.

The reasons why a boy has stopped being less intense than before is due to multiple factors, which can involve both you, and very personal things that are happening to him but that you have not realized or that you have not wanted to notice. ; Next we are going to check some of the main reasons why your husband no longer touches you.

Moments of depression: Believe it or not, depression is one of the mental illnesses that seriously affect the emotions of women and men, and it is even worse in men because they do not let off steam like you do, so their depression directly affects their desire for you.

Strengthen your intimate life and enjoy its pleasures again. Photo: Pixabay

Being the one with the initiative bores him: When we talk about intense moments like these, monotony is one of the main reasons why the magic of this fabulous meeting can disappear; Maybe you’re too used to him always starting everything, but if you don’t flip the coin and surprise him, sooner or later he will get tired of always being the one chasing you.

Lack of control in hormones: Hormonal problems are one of the main causes why men and women lose interest in intimacy, so that low levels of testosterone in your man are surely affecting his libido. Accompany him with the doctor without judging so that he can check himself and return to the game, the benefit will be double.