What To Do If The Person You Are Dating Stopped Calling You

What To Do If The Person You Are Dating Stopped Calling You

Losing contact with the cut without giving an explanation is considered another form of violence

Surely you have faced a situation similar to this: you are dating someone and it seems everything is perfect but suddenly it disappears. Now, what should you do if the person you like stops calling you for no apparent reason ?

Either because he realized that he does not want anything with you, there is a third person or he simply does not want to, in these cases you should not focus on the reasons but on what you should do if the person you like stops calling you without reason apparent.

The problem is not you

You’re probably wondering what you did wrong, especially if things seemed to be going great. You should stop thinking about this, since that person must be mature enough, act like an adult and express their feelings.

Stopping talking or communicating is extremely childish, and only cowards resort to. When someone is interacting with another person, even if it is an early phase in the relationship, they should not cut off the coexistence, at least express a reason that implies that they no longer wish to continue with the contact.

Leaving a lot of silence and absence speaks of being a coward and not having the courage to face things. Such an action is not worthy of someone with good feelings. Everyone can be and not be with whoever they want, but that is not why they should stop calling and say absolutely nothing.

How to act if that person stopped looking for you. Photo: Pexels

His silence speaks very badly of him / her

Remember that absence and prolonged silence is a pretty violent way to end something. Since abuse is also demonstrated by omission or inaction. It can be considered as violent for the simple fact that it leaves you in uncertainty and anguish.

It is important to bear in mind that we must be with a person who has the courage to make things clear since the other should not be left with doubts, but on the contrary, make things clear so as not to cause more damage.

Silence speaks very badly of that person. Photo: Pexels

Left without explanation? better

If from one day to the next he stopped calling you, instead of regretting or thinking that you are not good enough to be by your side, think the opposite. Thank the universe for having removed from your life a person who does not have enough courage to express what they feel and face the situation.

You don’t deserve people who disappear overnight like ghosts or who leave and come back whenever they please. Remember that you are a super valuable person and nothing and no one should play with your time and especially love.

It can be difficult at first and you will want it to be impossible, but you must thank that person who is leaving, since it leaves you the way free so that you can meet others and give them your valuable time. Apart from the fact that there will be many more who do want to be by your side and are mature enough to stay.