Signs That Confirm Your Boyfriend Likes Men

Signs That Confirm Your Boyfriend Likes Men

Their gestures, tone of voice and lack of desire to have intimate relationships are some of the signs that your partner has other preferences

Social pressure, customs and traditions make many people not dare to openly express their preferences, that is why you should be alert to the signs that will tell you that your boyfriend likes men.

Despite the fact that we presume to be an open society, there is still a certain rejection towards people who have a different sexual preference, which makes them fear to say what they really are, hiding it or worse still leading an alternate life, that is why you should know the signs that will tell you that your boyfriend likes men.

Some signs will tell you that your boyfriend likes men. Photo: Pexels

According to the sexologist Carmita Laboy, it is very important that you observe the behavior of your boyfriend through some signs that she prefers to describe as tendencies.

Refuses to be intimate

According to the expert, one should be aware of this point, since aversion or resignation for being intimate refers to when the person makes excuses or justifications for not having intimate relationships.

In these cases the man always justifies himself by blaming stress, problems and women the headache. When a man completely refuses to be intimate, it is because his preference is definitely something else.

When privacy is almost nil or limited, it is because it is not satisfactory for either party; one because he doesn’t like it and the other because he knows something is missing

Body and verbal expression

This is another of the signs of everyday life. It is important to pay attention to the way you express yourself verbally and all your actions, for example your gestures, the tone of your voice, the way you walk. In the case of men, having a "close friend" who is always present is a sign that there might be something more between them.

Not wanting to be intimate is one of the signs that your boyfriend likes men. Photo: Pexels


In case you always express yourself negatively about gays and speak ill of them in a derogatory way, to the point that you distance yourself from many of them, it is a red flag. Criticism or shows a total rejection when it is reflected in them and does not want to accept it.

The way to dress

This physical change is also a trend for the expert who will be altered, since a man who hides his homosexuality will worry too much about his appearance and his clothing that must be modern, elegant and above all expensive.

In flirting with other men, they are more concerned with whether she perfumes herself, whether she wears accessories, attracts attention, etc.

He fixes a lot on other men

You have to be alert when the couple is enjoying a movie, what comments they make towards other men or if they go to a place where there are many people, who they fix their gaze on, a woman or a man.

In case they are watching an adult movie, the woman should pay attention and analyze what her partner is most aroused with, if with the man or the woman.

Usually flirt with your friends

If you have noticed that he changes his behavior when he is with other men and you have even claimed that he flirts, shows a different language, his gestures change and he becomes someone unknown to you, without a doubt, he likes men more.