What To Do To Make A Man See That He Is Losing You

What To Do To Make A Man See That He Is Losing You

When a man feels safe a woman often enters a state of conformity and with his actions he may be losing her

One of the problems that most relationships present when a man feels safe in his partner and begins to change his way of acting, and does not see all the damage that he is causing to his partner.

In couple relationships there comes a point where they fall into comfort , but as a woman you realize that perhaps you are the one who is giving more and that the man does not see.

This is why you want to know what to do so that he sees that he is losing you and maybe that will end the relationship soon.

A man feeling safe in a woman can be the beginning of losing her. Photo: Pixabay

A man feels secure in a woman when he gets everything he needs from her , when despite mistakes she is there and if he wants her but is not really appreciating her effort.

All this creates doubts in her to the point of wondering if she really loves her, if everything she does will be worth it and she even thinks about leaving everything behind, but in her there is love and that is why she wants to try one more.

And in reality this problem is caused by both parties, when they are dating for example it may be that after there is intimacy he feels more stable and believes that there is no reason to woo anymore and lower his guard.

On the other hand, for them this is a step that refers them to a more serious commitment and when he rejects them or does not look for them as before, they feel ignored and if you ask them what happens? they come to feel persecuted.

This is why the woman seeks to create new interest in him and with this make him see that they could lose them since not everything is safe and as they arrived they could leave.

Don’t always be available

This is the main thing that makes a man fall into conformism, if he needs you you always say yes, although at the beginning you wanted to make him say a no will make him think and it will generate emotional stability by not knowing why?

Worry about yourself

The truth is that sometimes it is necessary to be a little selfish, be less helpful to them, give yourself your place and do things that create satisfaction and happiness without the need for someone else.

Don’t hold it back

Giving more love and that this is not reciprocal is a sign that things are not right, for a relationship to be healthy you have to support each other, if he does not worry then you take care and do not hold him back.

Make him jealous

Show him that it is not the only thing that exists, that outside there are also those who can give you happiness, they usually react when they see that the woman is courted by someone else and that they can lose her.

Don’t plan

Do not stop making other plans to dedicate time to what he wants to do with you, do not allow him to manage your space, your thoughts and make him see that you can take steps for you and do many things without his company.

Speak to him by name

Remove the labels, no friend, no boyfriend, no partner, just call him by his name, you will notice the difference.

Many women have pointed out that when they treat a man badly, it is when he is closest to one, but in reality this is so that he values ​​the relationship, values ​​your company and one as a woman knows how to have priorities, and learn both that both are the ones who build a solid relationship, they are completely and therefore contribute in equal parts.