The Right Age Comes When You Feel That Risking You Win

The Right Age Comes When You Feel That Risking You Win

You missed doing various things because you were maybe thinking about what they will say but the correct age for them to happen will be when you understand that risking is won

As you grow up you feel the urge to do certain things but you wonder if it is right to take risks for them, you reach an age where you feel that doing whatever it takes is earned.

Fear in love is inevitable, you want to take risks but you fear getting hurt , you think that by risking you will lose your time when there is someone who wins just by saying go.

You will know what is the correct age to do what you want when you weigh the losses against what is gained and you will risk when you realize that the experience obtained is worth more.

The correct age is when you feel that risking is won. Photo: Pixabay

Maybe it took a long time for you to be encouraged to have relationships or you left very long periods of abstinence because inside you were looking for someone with whom to do things the right way.

This is not bad, since doing so carries some risks such as that you or your partner get pregnant, there are those who are thinking about what they will say and at least they think time has passed.

What you have experienced these years does not weigh you down; In love you have enjoyed your singleness but you were over thirty and you realized that if life slows you down with a child or with a marriage it is not bad, that is when you win by taking risks.

You meet a person and it turns out to be something totally different from what you expected, maybe he meets some requirements but your head goes crazy when there is a big age difference, but what if you don’t try, you won’t know what can happen.

You have to dare to enjoy yourself, learn that the bad is not forever and when that comes, believe it, it comes with a lesson, learn not to visualize the future without first enjoying your present.

That is when the correct age has arrived when you see that risking is won, you know what you want, you are more mature and you recognize that any adversity you will overcome even fearing error.

This is applied in love, work, family and more, if you are not comfortable where you are, move on, if socially age is something that stops you from doing things. Do you know when your last day will be?

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