Why A Woman Seeks Attention By Pitying And Manipulating

Why A Woman Seeks Attention By Pitying And Manipulating

Women who always want to get the attention of a man by giving pain, generally fail in love, since that strategy ends up hurting and distancing men from herself.

Those women who base their relationship on attracting attention by giving pity, showing themselves all the time as vulnerable that everything hurts, nothing fits, these women always end up alone, because part of that game they play by pretending to cry over everything is manipulation, and men are not stupid, sooner or later they realize.

If a woman behaves immature, crying over everything, waiting for the man to move her, motivate her, save her, keep her, it is an act that far from getting what she wants, what happens is that it is a matter of time before it happens otherwise, the man leaves.

The woman who manipulates is always presented as weak, as that she cannot do anything without the man, that she cannot even work, these types of women are called vividoras, that when they find the man who allows himself to be manipulated they do not let go of him. until they get everything they want.

Why a woman seeks attention by giving pity and manipulating. Photo: Pexels

At a certain point, they make a plan, to get what they want and then break up with them, they make up stories to get them to give them money, generally they always pretend to be sick.

Loving implies being sincere, but many times, women take advantage of the nobility of a man when they see that he truly loves them and they are willing to do whatever they want, and when they think they are going to fight, they take out all the tricks to manipulate them.

A good man almost always falls into the trap, sees them in need and they make them believe that he is a superhero who will get her out of that life or who will make them happy by investing in sometimes very expensive details.

There have been cases of men who strive to their soul in order to please the woman they love, and it must be said that at the moment and for the only occasion it is within the normal, since many make a sacrifice, but what is going to happen? when that woman demands much more of him.

What will happen is that this man will realize that this woman does not love him, that what he loves is money and the material things that he can give him. And she begins to withdraw, or she realizes that she does not really serve him, does not dedicate quality time to her, because she only wants to receive but never give.

Actions are very important and if that woman only manipulates and cheats in the end she is left alone, and she has a dubious reputation. They end up suffering and begin to say that they have no luck in love, when she created her own luck.