Whatsaap And The Trick To Save Conversations Without Deleting Them

Whatsaap And The Trick To Save Conversations Without Deleting Them

Hide WhatsApp conversations without deleting them, there is an ideal trick to save each conversation without having to delete it and nobody finds it

Sometimes it is essential to know if at any time our friends, family or even the partner makes the decision to spy on our WhatsApp conversations without our authorization and although for many it is very normal to do so, for others the information is totally private and would disrupt our privacy.

Today we bring you a WhatsApp trick to save conversations without deleting them , ideal to save you from a rush in which you do not want your conversation with someone to be discovered by the wrong person and avoid unnecessary problems or discover intimate things that you do not want to share with anyone.

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The first thing you have to do to save conversations without deleting them is to directly access the WhatsApp application, once inside, slide and look for the conversation you need to hide, once positioned you will hold down your finger on the chosen conversation, here a different series will appear. options, to which you will choose "archive chat", in the case of IOS users they will move the conversation to the left.

Whatsaap and the trick to save conversations without deleting them. Pixabay

The selected chat will automatically disappear from the list instantly , you can scroll to confirm that it has disappeared.

If you want to see the conversation again after it has disappeared, it is necessary to go down to the last conversations box in the app, where you will see a new tab called " archived chats ", you will find the conversations that you had previously hidden, just as you left them. Last time, if you are an IOS user, you can find the tab at the top of all your conversations, just above the search engine.

If you no longer want to have it hidden and you want to return it to its initial position, you will repeat the same steps keeping your finger pressed on the conversation and now you will choose the option " unarchive chat ", in the case of IOS you have to slide the conversation to the left to find the option.

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It is important to mention that although we know the trick, we learn to respect the space and privacy of our friends, family or partner.