5 Signs Of Dark Empathy, The Most Dangerous Of All

5 Signs Of Dark Empathy, The Most Dangerous Of All

All people have a good and kind character and a negative and bad character who wants to be on the path of good but whose experiences have damaged him so much that he cannot return.

An empathic person is capable of putting themselves in the shoes of others, therefore, it is easy for them to understand you, but generally there are those who have a dark personality, and these kinds of people are those who have no empathy at all. The dark triad is a psychological term that encompasses three traits of a person who is bad in his essence, Machiavellianism, narcissism and psychopathy.

Curiously, there are those who, in addition to having cognitive empathy, also have the characteristics of the dark triad, that’s right, all in the same package; in short, too much evil. They are people who know how to behave decently with others and even be friendly, but hide their intentions at all costs, they are known as "Dark Empaths".

Dark empaths are the most dangerous personalities out there, and we’ll tell you why right away. This class of people have a combination between empathy and the dark triad, and therefore, they use empathy to their advantage to know how to reach you and destroy you, they know well what hurts you and how to attack to get what they want.

They are extremely perfect: That person (man or woman) with whom you always dreamed as a friend or ideal partner, manifests himself with a perfect behavior in which he always congratulates you when it is required and encourages you when you need it most, he is always there for you, but he only does it to gain your trust little by little and to do his own thing when necessary.

They always make you feel guilty: There are people who love to use a specific phrase: Because of you! They are people who are never responsible for the bad things in life, for them it is always easier to blame others and navigate with perfect or perfect flags, and no matter what happens, you will always be the culprit of all the misfortunes, so if you take it too seriously, it can soon make you fall into a tremendous disappointment or make you believe that you are super bad at everything, if you accept it, welcome depression.

They are fascinated by black humor: They generally like to be funny using black humor, why? because it immediately gives them that feeling of superiority and satisfaction, it’s a way of putting yourself under their shoes to lift themselves up while they’re crushing you.

They are experts in manipulation: A person with dark empathy knows very well how to use your feelings to take advantage of them, hence they begin to pull the strings and give you where it hurts the most in order for you to do what they want in the moment who want it.

They separate you from others: In front of others they only want to crush you and make bad comments so that you can feel more uncomfortable and insecure, they look for your weak point by pretending to be innocent, they play at pretending to be victims and they come to understand what hurts you to That from there they focus on hurting you and getting everything they want.