Where You Can Go On Your Honeymoon With Little Money

Where You Can Go On Your Honeymoon With Little Money

We will help you with some options to go on a honeymoon with little money, because now that you are starting a new life project it is important to take care of resources

Having a small budget should never be a limitation to enjoy the love of a couple and once married it is ideal to start taking care of money, so here we will tell you where you can go on your honeymoon with little money.

The honeymoon is a wonderful experience as long as you and your partner have planned it well, the distribution of tasks is equitable and you are very happy with your decision to marry the person with whom you are now sharing your life plan, full of love and fullness.

Take into account that now that they are married they have plans in which everything remains to be done despite the fact that at the beginning of any relationship you must save to anticipate future expenses of the home, family and possible future children.

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To support you in this goal of spending less on the honeymoon, or making the money work, we first want to recommend that you make a beautiful but intimate, simple and small wedding while still being charming.

In this way, you can allocate a little more of the budget for the festivities on the trip that you will make together and that will consecrate your union from now on as a couple who started their marriage on the right foot on a trip that they will not forget even as the years go by. . By the way, take into account what you should NOT do on your honeymoon.

Where can you go on your honeymoon with little money:

Forests and nature reserves

Throughout Mexico these areas abound, they are extremely cheap and many of them have cabins that have beds, bathrooms, grills and beautiful views of rivers and lakes. The silence and intimacy of these places will give you incredible relaxation and intimacy.

Magic towns

Likewise, the Mexican territory is full of wonderful corners and with very cheap costs where you can get to know the local culture and enjoy the varied cuisine of the country.


The cheapest and most representative Mexican beaches are: Acapulco, Guerrero; Mazunte and Zipolite, in Oaxaca, and Cardel and Tecolutla in Veracruz. Additionally, consider this list of Mexican destinations to visit on your honeymoon, since the country offers really attractive tourism options at very competitive costs.