Woman sues her partner for not marrying her after 8 years of dating

Woman sues her partner for not marrying her after 8 years of dating

The promises must be fulfilled and he promised that he would ask her to marry him, by not doing so the woman sued him because they have been dating for 8 years and he does not see anything clear.

They already have a very strong relationship, they even have a son, but the young woman still doesn’t see anything clear. Woman sues her partner for not marrying her after 8 years of dating , wants him to fulfill the promise he made long ago, would you do the same?

She stayed by his side out of love and very confident that she would soon fulfill the dream of arriving with the man of her life at the altar and dressed in white, but the long-awaited date never came, that is why this woman sues her partner for not marrying with her after 8 years of dating.

He did not want to wait any longer and continue to blindly believe in that false promise of seeing him kneeling with a ring in his hand asking him to become his wife, so he decided to act legally to make him learn to keep his word.

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Woman sues her partner for not marrying her after 8 years of dating. Photo: Unsplash

Promises must be kept, but not everyone knows how to give value to their words, that’s why this woman tired of not setting a fixed date for her longed-for wedding, decided to formally sue her boyfriend who promised to marry her and has not complied.

It is about Gertrude Ngoma, 26, a Zambian woman in East Africa who sued her partner Herbert Salaliki, 28, because she was already tired that after 8 years as boyfriends and having a child, he did not decide to ask her for marriage. .

Given the lack of seriousness and commitment of her partner towards her, she was so outraged that she decided to put a definitive and forceful halt, that is why she went to the courts to express her complaint, but not only because the young man does not want to carry out a wedding , but there is something else.

And the woman declared that in addition to the fact that her boyfriend and father of her son does not want to go to the altar with her as he promised in the past, she discovered that the man sends quite affectionate messages with another woman and she did not like that not at all.

He has never been serious, which is why I took him to court because I deserve to know the way forward and our future.

In his defense, the boyfriend says that he does want to marry her, but sometimes he doubts it because the woman does not pay enough attention to him, in addition to the fact that he does not feel financially stable to take that big step despite the fact that they already have a child.

And it is that in Zambia it is a tradition that when there is a wedding, the groom must pay an amount of gratitude to the bride’s family to show that he will take care of her and that he has with what to take care of a new home, so that the young man has not wanted to commit himself to marriage.