Why Spongebob Bikini Bottom Is Everywhere

Why Spongebob Bikini Bottom Is Everywhere

Aaagghhh! The meme of the moment is SpongeBob’s bikini bottom and it has invaded social networks, find out where it came from and why everyone shares it.

The meme of the moment now is for SpongeBob and a bikini bottom, it is everywhere , but you know why it came about? You probably can’t imagine where all this movement that brings crazy to social networks began.

If you wonder why SpongeBob’s bikini bottom is everywhere , IN COUPLE tells you, so you can understand and laugh at the memes that are invading your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter wall, there are some very good ones.

Why SpongeBob’s bikini bottom is everywhere , it is located in the north of our country, in San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, because after the official Facebook page of this municipality published an image of him caption "Aaaggg Sang Pegdro", teasing and creating memes immediately began.

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Agghh..the most agint Magian monument in Latin America and is located in Trujillo �� #Catolicos #Risa #Humor #FondoDeBikini #LoActual #MemeActual #memes�� #soydetrujillo

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Everyone thought that it was a hack of the official account of that municipality, but it was they themselves who clarified that everything was intentional, because they wanted to make a meme and they succeeded. They made it viral, how clever those of the Directorate of Social Communication of San Pedro.

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In Bikini Bottom #bikinibottom #spongebob #CUN #Cancun #fondodebikini #CUU

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Hence the wave of memes with the bikini bottom of SpongeBob and the famous "Aaaaggg", now you will not enter social networks without seeing a meme related to this, but now let’s go to the origin of this in the cartoon.

It turns out that bikini bottom is the place where the story of SpongeBob takes place and where the entry was "Aaagghh Fogndo from Bikini, a hegmoso lughar …" , a phrase that became epic from the Nickelodeon series.

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Aggg awaits you agmoss! #fondodebikini

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That is why, now, users of social networks have used bikini bottoms to show off their cities or make fun of them, as well as things they like.

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So majestic, so unique, so beautiful … ��️����. . . . . . #seleccionnacional # SelecciónMexicana #mexicano #mexico #stadio #EstadioAzteca #futbol #soccer #world #world #globalists #meme #bobesponja #fondodebikini #cielo

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We Mexicans let our imagination fly if it is about memes, that is why thousands and thousands of these have gone viral in recent days and have caused the laughter of several users.

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