Without Makeup Laura Bozzo Leaves You Speechless

Without Makeup Laura Bozzo Leaves You Speechless

The so-called "lawyer for the poor" left her more than 563,000 followers speechless by sharing a photograph from her bed, her face washed, without makeup and with excellent company.

What a surprise the more than 563 thousand followers of the so-called "lawyer for the poor" were taken by sharing through their Instagram stories a photograph that left nothing to the imagination, because in pajamas, on her bed and without makeup Laura Bozzo It left them speechless, as they have always criticized her beauty and this time it was no exception.

The controversial Laura Bozzo again gave something to talk about on Instagram by uploading a cute photo showing off her faithful pet, but she also wanted to take a selfie, but forgot that she was natural, without makeup and leaves her fans speechless, who they were divided into those who defend her tooth and nail and those who asked her to take better care of her image.

Laura Bozzo has not been interested in the malicious comments of her haters, she continues to occupy her social networks to share her selfies in a swimsuit, from the pool, with super low-cut dresses and also to give her opinions on controversial topics, that is her style and he does not intend to change his personality for anything and less for anyone.

Laura bozzo
Without makeup Laura Bozzo leaves you speechless. Photo: Instagram.

Laura Bozzo has always been the most controversial, without mincing words and with nothing to fear, so she uses her social networks to share her photos without a filter and without fear of criticism, she is very self-confident and unstoppable You can still wear a swimsuit, as a low-cut dress and even appear with the most casual clothes.

Through her Instagram stories, the presenter decided to show off her pets named Frida and Bowie, so she recorded them doing mischief and also took the opportunity to take some selfies with her, if something Laura Bozzo enjoys doing in her spare time, it is to play and spend relaxing and fun moments with your two little dogs that you adore.

That is why lying on her bed, disheveled, with a washed face and a casual blouse, the Talk Show host hugged one of her pets to sleep very comfortably, took a photo of the moment revealing a part of her face, so it was noted that she was not wearing a single drop of makeup.

Her followers immediately realized that Laura Bozzo was not wearing makeup on her face and the comments were immediate, since in most of the photos she shares on Instagram, she puts a filter or uses several layers of makeup to look divine, but this time she overlooked this detail.

And it is that the "lawyer of the poor" has always been put in the eye of the hurricane not only for her explosive and direct personality, but also for her thinness, although she is a beautiful woman, there are those who do not hesitate to criticize her physical appearance , but there are also those who adore her and tell her how beautiful she looks with or without makeup.

This controversial woman at 69 years of age continues to enjoy the fame that her television shows have brought her and continues to enjoy the affection that her audience gives her through social networks, so she is delighted to share her lifestyle and photos very often. where it highlights its beauty so that they respond with positive comments.