Aislinn Derbez: Jewelry With Chakras To Attract Good Energies

Aislinn Derbez: Jewelry With Chakras To Attract Good Energies

The comedian’s daughter launched her line of chakra jewelry to regulate, distribute, adjust, transform and open the door to energy fields

Life has completely changed after the divorce for Aislinn Derbez, as she has been transformed in every way, becoming more spiritual to begin with and becoming a jewelry designer.

And it was through her social networks that Aislinn Derbez makes use of the chakras to attract good luck. The daughter of the famous comedian has shown her line of jewels where these rotating wheels or energy vortices responsible for regulating the body that are found throughout the length and width of the energy body (Aura) are the protagonists.

The concept of the chakras was born in Hindu culture and is framed within the sacred texts of the Vedas (knowledge), mainly those known as ‘Upanishads’, written around the 7th century BC.

Aislinn Derbez launches her jewelry line. Photo: Instagram

The Sanskrit word ‘Chakra’ means wheel and refers to the shape and image of how these chakras are perceived.

It is important to note that the chakras are the main regulating agents of this energy field of ours, they act as transformers or gateways to energy. They receive, accumulate, transform, distribute and adjust the vital energy of the organism (known as Prana).

If you want to understand well the functioning of the chakras, it is necessary that you understand that everything is energy, that it is but one more manifestation of reality (more subtle than matter).

Every day we interact with all kinds of energy, more or less subtle, in the same way that we have different types of experience and experiences (each of which produces a different response from our body).

That is why Aislinn has flaunted her chakra necklaces with all her followers on social networks. She was the model, and in a message she reported where to get said jewelry.

They remember the collection that I designed together with @morenacorazon inspired by the chakras. It is now available again in the online store and in some physical stores. Very soon we will make a new collection so stay tuned