With Short Sherlyn Leather Shorts Conquer Mane De La Parra

With Short Sherlyn Leather Shorts Conquer Mane De La Parra

Sherlyn shared a video with Mane de la Parra where she made it clear that they have an excellent relationship and she has won his heart now that they are co-workers in what happens to my family?

After five years of absence Sherlyn has returned to the television forums and is recording what happens to my family ?. In fact, her companions are happy to have her as part of the cast. And if before it was Julián Gil who confessed to being happy with her, now it is Mane de la Parra who fell at her feet.

It was through her social networks where the host also shared a video where she appears happy with life next to the singer. Sherlyn with leather shorts and fishnet stockings conquers Mane de la Parra.

The 34-year-old actress appears moving her body with a smile on her face next to De la Parra with that sensual outfit that became the target of praise. Besides that she radiates happiness, something that did not go unnoticed by her followers who commented on how happy they were to see her so happy and enjoying her work.

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Tik Tok’s video accumulated more than 141 likes as well as many comments, including that of Mane de la Parra, who did not hesitate to write "what a good dance", making it clear that he had also enjoyed that beautiful moment.

"It is seen that Mane is very cool", "All my attention was taken by Mane hahaha. You look beautiful Sherlyn, I love your outfit", "I’m sorry but here the one who draws all the attention is Mane. How handsome he got", "at least the desire was not lacking" and "I love that man" were the many reactions from Sherlyn’s followers.

Remember that Sherlyn will play an attractive villain in What’s wrong with my family? Jade, described by her as an empowered woman who does not allow herself to be minimized by anything or anyone.

She is a woman of today, an empowered woman, of those who solve things, of whom she does not expect life to come and put everything in front of you, no. If I want something, I go and get it because I think those are the women of today, the ones who don’t have to wait for Prince Charming to come to rescue us.

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