Conductor Of Vla Copia Look Of Belinda And Destroy Her In Networks

Conductor Of Vla Copia Look Of Belinda And Destroy Her In Networks

Kristal Silva appeared on the morning show in the same outfit as the singer and was heavily criticized

In each of the broadcasts of La Voz, Belinda has managed to dazzle the audience with her luxurious and surprising outfits, which are imitated by all who have the chance to get them.

Now a VLA host copies Belinda’s look, and is harshly criticized . It was the night of August 26, when the interpreter of ‘Bella treason’ left everyone with their mouths open by wearing an outfit full of diamonds.

Christian Nodal’s girlfriend proudly modeled a revealing black suit full of diamonds, a tiny bracelet, her hair fluffy with many curls and revealed her flat stomach.

VLA host copies Belinda’s look and destroys her in networks. Photo: Screenshot

It is said that the model of the famous singer costs almost 100,000 pesos, since it belongs to the prestigious fashion house Versace.

And it was not only her followers who imitated the expensive outfit, but the host Kristal Silva, who appeared modeling in the program she is part of, Venga la Alegría, a look identical to the one Belinda wore in the semi-final of La Voz, however it was shattered with strong criticism.

In fact, in a publication on the official account of the program, the image of the two famous women wearing the same costumes was shown.

This post accumulated more than 28 thousand ‘likes’ as well as a number of comments where most of the followers did not hesitate to attack Kristal Silva.

What to do to swallow. Belinda looks very pretty, but your Kristal

A thousand times better Belinda


So pretty that Kristal is and they dress her like that

No matter how hard you try, you will never look like Belinda, you are already grown up, you look ridiculous

How ugly, how ridiculous it looks, why do they do that? It’s like the ordinary version of Belinda and that Kristal is gorgeous but they make her look very bad doing this

Although there were also some fans who defended Silva highlighting his talent and physical attractiveness.

How ugly that women express themselves like that of another woman, in short, both are beautiful

Stop criticizing Kristal. UNDERSTANDING that she doesn’t want to be like Belinda, it’s just an outfit similar to the show that’s in fashion right now.