Why Does My Partner Stop Talking To Me For No Reason?

Why Does My Partner Stop Talking To Me For No Reason?

If your partner applies the "Law of Ice" to you, that is, he stops talking to you for no apparent reason, he is using a psychological game that causes pain, confusion and even anger in you to give in to his wishes.

Many couples seem to forget that the basis of all relationships is communication and sometimes for no reason they stop expressing what they feel. It should be noted that sometimes the emotional responses to certain situations can be varied depending on the personality of the couple, so you should know why they stop talking for no apparent reason.

Sometimes, when faced with a problem, one of the members may be willing to talk to the loved one, however the other only responds with his silence. This silence is usually a type of blackmail, which causes a lot of pain. That is why you should know why your partner stops talking to you for no reason.

Whoever acts in this way thinks that he is absolutely right about the situation. Use silence from the wrong perspective to think that the other person can interpret the lack of words and imagine exactly what they want and need.

Why does my partner stop talking to me for no reason. Photo: Pexels

It is necessary for each person to establish their strategies to manage all their emotions. Some people, after a conflict, need a quiet or calm time to be able to relax and continue with the conversation at another time.

In case you have not talked to your partner for a long time, after a confrontation you should bear in mind that the lack of communication will prevent things from being solved and even worse it will make the situation worse. There are a few reasons why your partner may stop talking to you:

Be defensive: This is a way to avoid facing the problem they have in an adult way. When your partner opts for silence, he leaves you alone before the fact and closes the door to any collaboration. Since when you ask him questions he does not answer.

Of course, this situation inevitably hurts, apart from being uncomfortable, especially when they continue to live together and that person continues with their indifference. It is at that moment when silence becomes a tool to harm the other.

The psychological game of confusion is present, especially when asked what is wrong with him. And although sometimes he denies that something happens with a "NO", with other ways he makes it clear that he is not at ease. This monosyllable that follows the line of that silence is adopted from immaturity.

The negative of this behavior is that the person does not express what is happening to him and the partner obviously ignores his feelings. In this way, before this event, each member of the couple has a completely different version. If they do not expose what they feel, they will never be able to solve the conflict or the situation.

Now what is to be done? First of all, do not give in to their blackmail and bear in mind that pleasing your partner is not the best solution, much less letting yourself be carried away by guilt. Analyze what happened and your feelings, so in case you think that your partner is the one who is acting bad, it is best to talk about it and if you continue with that attitude, think about what is best for you.