Signs That He’s Only Playing With Your Feelings

Signs That He's Only Playing With Your Feelings

These types of people create a bit of dependency, follow the same pattern and play with your feelings by stopping so that you are the one who looks for them

It is true that sometimes we can see love where it does not exist, perhaps because of the way you and that person treat each other, but that they do it to play with your feelings, that is something that no one wants to go through.

There are those who are capable of manipulating people to obtain a benefit and they can also give false love, that is why you must detect the signs that that person is only playing with your feelings.

Being aware of this will prevent you from feeling humiliated, sad and disappointed knowing that you were cheated on.

In the end, whoever plays with your feelings manifests that he or she is not the culprit. Photo.Pixabay

Not only men can do it also women, each one uses different techniques to make their goal fall in the game.

If he likes to play with your feelings, act like this.

Of course, pretending is what works best for them and they do it in a very natural way, what they do is create a habit in you, they will call you every day, the conversations are long, and they will show too much interest in you and what you do, by having them so many presents surround you.

He will know that you have fallen into his game when they change the behavior pattern and then you are the one who needs to know about him or her, now he has you in his hands.

They are the most romantic people, they like to give affectionate nicknames, they are always courting you and making you feel that like you there is no one else, they always want to see you well, they will subtly show you when they do not like how you are.

They always tell you something about their life first to build trust, but they will highlight the sad things that happen to them so that you feel affection for them and know which side to manipulate so that you are there when they need it.

They remind you over and over again why they are the best person to be by your side, they point out that with them everything will be fine, that they will never leave you and if they effectively promise never to hurt you, words that when you discover their deception hurt even more.

It is true that intimacy is good to unite couples, but when a person who manipulates you is behind you, they will want to know everything about your sexual life, actually if you slept with such and which is part of the past and not represents a sincere affection, perhaps it is something that you will later use to your advantage.

Anyway, despite seeming points that people who do not play with feelings have, their way of acting is different, they create a lot of confusion in you, one night or several days they are the best people but they stop doing it without giving an explanation and you wonder what is happening.

If it is not in itself clear or you feel that the way of acting is too exaggerated, you should analyze well, so that there are no misunderstandings and stop something that may not be the best. In the end, whoever does this will blame you for your suffering and falling into the game.