With Midi Skirt Cynthia Rodríguez Eclipsed Galilea Montijo

With Midi Skirt Cynthia Rodríguez Eclipsed Galilea Montijo

Cynthia Rodríguez is still a true fashion guru and she prevailed wearing a midi wrap skirt with which she surpassed Galilea Montijo.

Entering the Instagram of Carlos Rivera’s girlfriend, is entering a fashion catalog, because the former academic loves to dress fashionably to always look dazzling and boy does she achieve it, her fans say that she has no rival in terms of elegance and poise, as well. She shows it with this crossed midi skirt with which Cynthia Rodríguez eclipsed Galilea Montijo , style war?

The famous of the small screen are always in constant competition in which the public puts them to find out who looks prettier and who has better tastes when it comes to choosing costumes, and one of those that heads the list of the top is the Host of Venga La Alegría, with this crossover midi skirt Cynthia Rodríguez eclipsed Galilea Montijo.

For Cynthia Rodríguez, dressing well is one of her passions, she never loses glamor and she is always seen ‘throwing sparks’ with outfits of all cuts, with that spectacular figure, any garment is great for her, as her audience and her more than 3 million followers on Instagram, who do not hesitate to flatter her and envy her color combinations and designs.

Cynthia Rodriguez
The crossed midi skirt with which Cynthia Rodríguez eclipsed Galilea Montijo. Photo: Instagram.

But another of the darlings of the morning programs, is undoubtedly Galilea Montijo, who daily shares the outfit that she wears in the "Hoy" program and models the garments of her clothing store "Latingal Boutique", thus placing herself as a reference fashionable for his followers, who love to take up ideas of their looks to look just as impressive as the famous tapatia.

In recent days, both Cynthia Rodríguez and Galilea Montijo have surprised the cameras by wearing one of their favorite garments and that best highlights their shapely waist and legs, the skirts, so they both melted with exceptional designs and made them look fresh, jovial and full of flow, as well as very elegant.

The first to sweep away her attire was the 37-year-old from Coahuila, who imposed herself with a completely smooth crossed midi skirt with a green knot, a garment at the waist that highlighted this part of her silhouette, in addition to the The opening gave a touch of coquetry and took a bit of seriousness from the garment, so it was a youthful and feminine outfit.

This midi skirt falling down her calf, she combined it with a black top with which she revealed her steel abdomen, complemented the look with open sneakers with ribbons tied above the ankles, without a doubt this outfit enchanted more of one. With her hair collected in a low ponytail, Cynthia Rodríguez reaffirmed that she is a queen when it comes to looking super glam.

Meanwhile, Galilea Montijo also made the "Hoy" forum shine and demonstrating that skirts are also his thing and imposed on Carlos Rivera’s girlfriend with a leather circular mini skirt at the waist, with three ruffles and buttons on the front Although there were divided opinions, since several did not like this garment, arguing that it did not do justice to their silhouette.

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This leather mini skirt was part of the total black that the 48-year-old driver decided to wear, accessorized with a V-neck top and 3/4 sleeves with puffed shoulders and footwear, combat boots, her hair ironed and loose made her look like a diva. There is no doubt that Cynthia Rodríguez and Galilea Montijo are experts in stealing sighs with their looks.