Cynthia Rodríguez Shows Off More In Tight Purple Dress

Cynthia Rodríguez Shows More In Tight Purple Dress

Showing off her attributes, Cynthia Rodríguez fell in love with her Instagram followers with a flirty purple dress very tight and looking like a barbie.

The presenter of Venga La Alegría is one of the best dressed in the program, always with her spectacular looks fascinates on social networks, she is a fashion guru who inspires other women to dress up and combine their outfits, but this time yes made more than one drool with a tremendous low-cut, Cynthia Rodríguez shows more in a tight purple dress.

Through the years, the former academic has perfected her style to dress, evolving into an elegant, youthful and super trendy touch, the Coahuila woman does know how to impress every day, especially with this garment with which it was impossible not to turn her to see , Cynthia Rodríguez shows more in a tight purple dress with which she highlighted her curves.

In one of her most recent posts, Cynthia Rodríguez completely impressed with a dress like the ones they are used to, elegant and wearing it with a lot of bearing, in a striking color with which she broke expectations tight to the body with which she made everyone admire her charms Even Carlos Rivera himself was impressed when he saw his beautiful girlfriend.

cynthia rodriguez
Cynthia Rodríguez shows off in a tight purple dress. Photo: Instagram.

As is customary, Carlos Rivera’s girlfriend shared a couple of photos on her Instagram feed where she modeled a very flirtatious dress with which she highlighted her attributes and her heart attack curves that she has achieved with all her exercise routines and their healthy eating, this garment is the creation of Victor and Jesse, the famous head designers.

This tight purple dress, long, with long sleeves and an opening in the leg, fascinated her followers, who filled her with compliments, but what she loved the most about this dress was the top, where everyone focused the look, because the garment had a very low sweetheart neckline that barely covered and supported her bust.

With a tremendous low-cut and fit, the presenter looked spectacular, and although purple is a quite fiery tone and that many do not dare to use, she did and in what way, she scored a 10 with this look, in addition to the hairstyle and the makeup was the plus that made her shine like a goddess, she thought of everything to complete the perfect outfit.

Combed with her loose wavy hair and half on the side creating a puffy bangs, this is how the beautiful conductor of the Ajusco television station looked, she also wore silver-tone earrings and rings as accessories, although some fans told her that she was missing something adorning her chest, her makeup highlighted her features.

For some, the neckline of this purple dress by Cynthia Rodríguez was too exaggerated, since it revealed her charms, but for others it was perfect because they say that the actress also has a sensational figure that she can show off without problem, without a doubt she is a very beautiful woman .