Fame, Money And Love, This Is The Life Of Cynthia Rodríguez

Fame, Money And Love, This Is The Life Of Cynthia Rodríguez

Cynthia Rodríguez is not only a beautiful woman, she is also a talented woman who at her young age has practically everything, however, the good things in life require sacrifices and perseverance

Since her departure from La Academia, the life of television host Cynthia Rodríguez has taken a 180 degree turn where over the years she has managed to do great things in her professional life but also in her sentimental life, we could say that the young woman to her For 37 years he has managed to excel thanks to his talent and intelligence in various areas.

Cynthia has developed in the world of music after leaving La Academia, has also participated as an actress and model, and recently works as a television host for the morning Venga la Alegría which is broadcast on AZTECA television, although many others They know her only for being the girlfriend of the former academic Carlos Rivera.

The famous driver has gone through many situations that have put her in the eye of the hurricane, however, she has been characterized by being very reserved when it comes to talking about her personal life, but in professional matters Cynthia is very given to sharing all her projects with the viewer public and with their followers on social networks.

As for the handling of fame, it was in 2005 when she appeared for the first time in the Azteca reality show La Academia, where she was in fourth place in the competition, later she participated in the Star Challenge where she did not win either because she was expelled. a week before the final.

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In 2005 he interpreted the song "If you are not with me" that was used in the telenovela "Amor en custodia" which had a great success in Mexico, among the most outstanding novels in which he participated are: "Man is looking for", " Orphans "," An open heart "," Heart in a condominium "," The spoiled ones "and" Educating Nina ".

Fortunate in love and also in money, since it is said that currently the fortune of the driver is approximately two million pesos free of taxes, thus becoming one of the best paid personalities and with the highest income in the country, and according to accounts, she would only be a few million short of entering the top 100 of the highest paid artists in her field.

Finally, in love Cynthia met Carlos at La Academia in 2005, and in 2015 she interviewed him for her YouTube channel, since then you could see the good chemistry that existed between them, but it was until 2016 when they did. Their courtship was official, and in 2019 the show host Daniel Bisogno assured in the program that she and Carlos had secretly married, however, after so much speculation and gossip about their relationship, the couple has decided to be very reserved when talking about personal issues, and they only share the odd photo or messages on networks. social.