Bet On Smelling Good Without Fragrance

Bet On Smelling Good Without Fragrance

It is a fact that all girls without exception like a man who smells good, however, not everyone has the possibility of getting original fragrances, and cheap copies are useless, what can be done?

It is a fact that women adore a man with a good fragrance, the aroma is something very striking that adds a plus to both men and women, but how do you manage to smell good without a good perfume? just using an antiperspirant is not enough, therefore in today’s article we are going to show you what other things you can implement in your daily routine to always smell amazing.

It should be clarified that if you have the possibility of buying a good perfume you can do it, why not? It is just that some fragrances do require a very good investment, so in certain cases it is not easy to achieve, there are other priorities and it is understood, but that is not a pretext to neglect your image and stink.

Most men are very practical and only limit themselves to bathing, but they don’t even know how to choose soap well, since they usually use the same soap as their parents or their wife, not to mention shampoo or conditioner, They don’t really even read the labels, they can use said product that even specifying that it is for Chinese hair, they put it on having straight hair, therefore, today we are going to learn how you can maintain a good body odor without spending a lot of money .

Use the soap of the same lotion that you use: When you buy the soap for bathing you will realize that they sell some that belong to a certain brand of perfumes or deodorants, which precisely have greater fragrance, they even sell some kits, you can get one and use it, in this way it is easy to get confused because the aroma is the same, and both you and others may come to believe that if you are wearing perfume when in reality it is not.

Nothing replaces perfume, but you can use alternatives. Photo: Pexels

Wash clothes constantly: Stop using the same shirt, the same pants or even the same underpants for several days, that is unhygienic, the only thing you are doing is bringing a lot of sweat with you that will end up giving off bad odors, better wash it more often with detergents that help improve its aroma.

Beware of sweat: There are some cities where it is impossible to stay cool during the summer, so a classic mistake is to increase the amount of perfume, and why is it a mistake? because the combination between perfume and sweat is not good at all, but you can choose to use an antiperspirant and use it only once a week to sweat as little as possible, but beware, that does not replace the deodorant that only takes care having fragrance, the antiperspirant for its part helps you eliminate the bacteria that cause odor, and therefore, you should have all three.

Use body and hand cream: The use of creams have a subtle but very pleasant aroma, and you can apply it to complement it with the aroma of soap, shampoo, deodorant, foot powder, etc. Everything together will make you look very good wherever you go, it will be a very special combination of aromas, and thus no one will notice that you are not wearing perfume.