Black Horoscope Temperance Announces Health And Love For You

Black Horoscope Temperance Announces Health And Love For You

The black horoscope cards for this Friday launch Temperance that marks a streak of health and love for you, especially if your sign is fire.

In the black horoscope, the cards will tell you a message for health, money and love, take into account the warnings of the letter that marks this night of August 6, 2021 where the Temperance letter augurs good health and a lot of love from your partner for you, your friends will be closer than ever.

Temperance represents the figure of an angel with wings that is passing water from one jug to another. The angel represents virtue, the message for tonight predicts a change in your attitude towards life , one of two: either you are very angry and you become more bitter or you reflect on the good that surrounds you and change your world based on that feeling. .

The positive streak that arrives and that is on the rise since the first day of August touches important points such as health and love, if you have ailments or discomforts they will be alleviated soon, pray with faith to help you get out sooner and in terms of love, your partner will be more loving than ever, moments of happiness and fulfillment come to you.

In love, with that happiness to the maximum it is time to talk about taking next steps, your love is stronger than ever and will resist everything. If you are single or single, forget that unrequited love once , you will meet someone who will captivate you more than the other person.

Black horoscope: the Temperance card announces health and love for you. Photo: Pixabay

At work and studies; there is a pending contract signature, job proposals jump to your table that sound tempting but are not what they seem; In the study, you start school on the right foot , pay close attention to proposals that have to do with your work life and that will appear in the following days.

In terms of health, you are in excellent health but you should not lower your guard, do not trust yourself, it is better to avoid that crowded party and stay at home; In the money, the games of chance are marked with good results, comes the increase in salary that they promised you so much.

Temperance symbolizes as a person someone conciliatory, innovative and open to everything, ease of adaptation and good counselor, her lucky number is 50 and the signs that are most in contact with this being are those of fire Aries, Leo and Sagittarius .