Typical Mistakes You Make When Talking To A Woman

Typical Mistakes You Make When Talking To A Woman

On many occasions you can experience endless failures when wanting to conquer a woman, and it is that certain habits lead us to make the same mistakes, which must be corrected urgently

Being with a woman in an attempt to want to conquer her many can go wrong, because in reality we do not have the practice, the experience and everything else, so in today’s article we are going to discover three main mistakes that most men make when they get close with a girl.

If our own nature invites us to be close to the female gender, then it is mandatory to have to learn how to approach them, get their attention and be able to conquer them, but in these cases, every detail counts, and if they catch you on the move with rookie mistakes, they will not be interested in reaching more.

It should be noted that these tips can also be used for women, it applies in all cases, because in the end it is about being able to empathize with the other, and that is something we want and we do not understand it by the amount of times we go out and coexist in society, so without further ado, we begin.

Try to show off: When you meet a girl for the first time, your nerves can betray you, and at that moment it is likely that in order to impress her you want to show off by saying your best, the achievements you have had, what you have achieved etc. etc. But instead, it is better that you subtly make fun of yourself, because a man who has the ability to laugh at his strengths and weaknesses is a man who does manage to capture the attention of a good woman, as it makes you look more mature.

Don’t be too serious, you will create a very awkward silence. Photo: Pexels

Not listening to her: Again the nerves are doing their thing, therefore, while she speaks you are half listening, since more than anything you are preparing your answer, but in that process she realizes that you are wandering, that your gaze she goes the other way, that your short answer to everything she tells you is a simple "orale" "ah ok" and you don’t give feedback because you don’t know what she said.

You become an interviewer: When after a while the ideas begin to run out, it is common that to get out of the way you throw a lot of questions and without evaluating the answer, type Do you have a favorite hobby? because you like it? And do you go out very often? Relax, be calm and listen to their response to be able to give your opinion and approach the subject with more intelligence, the talk does not have to flow every second.

You don’t pay attention to her body language: Although that girl may be answering you well, if you are not able to notice the details in her body language, you will not be able to distinguish if the topic bothers her or if you bother him, you have to be able to interpret the hidden message that he wants to give with his body and thus know if we have to stop or if we can continue.