Chiquis Rivera In Velvet Wears The Worst Of Her Outfit

Chiquis Rivera In Velvet Wears The Worst Of Her Outfit

Of course, it did not go unnoticed, Chiquis Rivera proves to be a risky woman when it comes to dressing, but her blue velvet dress is pointed out as the worst

At 35, the singer Chiquis Rivera is a woman who has made her way on the path of music and that has cost her criticism of all kinds, yesterday she appeared at Premios Lo Nuestro and was singled out for wearing the worst outfit.

Chiquis Rivera appeared wearing a fitted blue velvet dress that, although it highlighted her prominent curves for many people, was the worst of her outfit, making it out of place for the event.

When she appeared on the famous magenta carpet it was impossible to go unnoticed with the contrasting blue ball gown in which she stood out wearing it safely, but on social networks they began to tell her that sometimes you should not trust the designer completely.

Honestly, Chiquis Rivera is a very sensual woman, a lover of tight clothing that highlights her qualities, the velvet dress had a corset and a long skirt with a large opening that revealed her shapely legs.

Chiquis Rivera in velvet noted for wearing the worst of her outfits. Photo: Instagram

She wore a kind of sleeves but these came from the neck to the wrists with gauntlets in the same velvet fabric adding accessories such as bracelets, rings, discreet earrings and slippers also in silver.

"A beautiful woman with as many personality as you and your designers do their best to ruin you at the awards and the worst thing is that you allow it," was one of the comments that stood out.

As they say in tastes, genres are broken despite those comments if they highlighted those that they said looked spectacular, after she wrote under her post what she really wanted to show in this outfit.

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"WOMAN POWER! Representing women like me … CURVE-LICIOUS! Royal Blue in honor of my presentation tonight! Super excited!!!"

Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter is a risky woman and more so now that she separated from her husband Lorenzo Méndez showing that she can get ahead on her own, in terms of fashion every day she surprises and says the criticism is taken from whoever comes.

Recently, on a vacation that the singer had on Mexican beaches, she generated a scandal when she was caught wearing a bikini that showed her natural body with obvious "imperfections" that she said she loved, such as stretch marks and cellulite.

Of course, this is something completely natural that both men and women have, but because they are famous and show "perfection" in their photos, they are judged for showing what they really are not, but in this way a lot is image.

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