Cristy Solís Korea Songs By Marco Antonio Solís

Cristy Solís Korea Songs By Marco Antonio Solís

Cristy Solís chores the songs of Marco Antonio Solís in each of his concerts, this time from the front row, he was dancing and singing throughout the presentation of Los Bukis

Cristy Solís feels grateful for life , for love and is proud of her husband Marco Antonio Solís who has been performing lately with the legendary group Los Bukis, this reunion has been a success, it has completely filled the nine stadiums where that has submitted.

Buki’s wife recognized for how beautiful she is and for being the muse of Marco Antonio Solís, does not stop dancing to the songs and singing them before thousands of people. She has been accompanying him in each of his concerts and is the happiest. Through her Instagram account, she uploaded a video where she leaves evidence of how happy she is accompanying her husband and supporting him from the front row.

Cristy also uploaded an amazing video where Los Bukis is seen in the corridors before going on stage and what was most striking is that they wore the identical costume to the one they used in one of their albums. The suits have shiny applications that made them look glamorous, the gentlemen very handsome.

On his Instagram account Cristy Solís wrote a beautiful message to thank God: God’s times are perfect says the phrase … But MORE than a phrase is a GREAT TEACHING! Since protected by time, we become wiser perhaps and also more patient, but above all MORE GRATEFUL, because we can see every detail, observe without judging.

"Flow and pass the moments with fullness and be grateful for the possibility of enjoying what was lived in time and form, for this reason the word" THANK YOU "today even seems not to reach … THANKS TO THE PUBLIC who also knew how to wait, grow, trust and not letting go of the hope that one day we would be able to live this #BUKIMANIA together.

"THANKS to all the human team who work so hard hand in hand, at forced marches, against the clock so that this dream will crystallize and always delivering the best. It takes a village! 9 STADIUMS, 9 SOLD OUTS, 9 HISTORICAL NIGHTS.

You can see the immense admiration that Cristy Solís has for her husband and his musical career, just as she manifests herself as a woman grateful to God for all the good things that have happened to her since the moment she decided to marry Marco Antonio Solís.