Marco Antonio Solis Awakens Passions With Photo On Instagram

Marco Antonio Solis Awakens Passions With Photo On Instagram

Marco Antonio Solis turns social networks back on with one of his photos comparing them from 2009 to 2019

There is no doubt that as the years go by, Marco Antonio Solis continues to awaken the passions of his thousands of followers. As demonstrated by uploading a photo on Instagram comparing one from 2009 and another from 2019.

The question that he has to the followers of Marco Antonio Solis on his official site Marcoantoniosolis_oficial What do you say? How have the years fallen on me? It has brought them back to the brink of madness.

Marco Antonio Solis’s photography on Instagram has 53 thousand 468 Likes. "Chulada of man !!!!! my platonic love I think that with a hug from the horn I relieve myself I die sooner because it can give me a heart but" leaves a message the user rosy.rose.

Dreaming that you walk in slow motion is the way you observe your life. Photo: Píxabay

Photos on Instagram of Marco Antonio Solis

Thousands of messages began to answer his question. In the photograph you can see that in 2009 he wears a white shirt fitted to the body, a seductive but formal pose, showing off his hair and showing a little skin on his chest.

Now it looks sexier

The second photo with which he compares the first is from 2019, that is, ten years later, Marco Antonio Solis looks more relaxed, now his pose is in total comfort, wearing accessories such as bracelets.

Beard that his fans love

The beard that he now sports is with some gray hair, which his followers classify as one of the sexiest beards in the show. It is also observed that the plaid shirt is removed, exposing his arms.

The user and fans of "El Buki" carluccioclaudia: "Every day more beautiful, man is like good wine the older the better !!!

Is it true that Marco Antonio continues like wines? That over time they taste better?