El Buki’s Wife Without Makeup Keeps Stopping Traffic

El Buki's Wife Without Makeup Keeps Stopping Traffic

Marco Antonio Solís "El Buki" has lived in love with his wife Cristy Solís for more than 27 years who looks radiant and raises passions even without makeup

The Mexican artist Marco Antonio Solís “El Buki” is one of the singer-songwriters that women fall in love with the most with his songs, but Cristian Solís is the one who melts him with his beauty even without wearing makeup.

The reality is that the former Cuban model Cristy Solís without makeup continues to stop the traffic since she has a natural beauty and a statuesque body having a solid marriage relationship with her husband El Buki for more than 27 years.

The couple has two daughters that they procreated with the fruit of their love, Marla and Alilson, who follow in their father’s footsteps in music and their mother’s beauty, since all three could undoubtedly pass as sisters.

For most women, makeup is not to hide their features but to highlight them and feel great, yet enjoying themselves without makeup is something that fascinates everyone and continues to see themselves as Cristy Solís enchants.

El Buki’s wife without makeup continues to stop traffic. Photo: Instagram

Through social networks we witness how the years do El Buki’s wife a great favor since, far from getting old, she looks younger every day and this is also due to the discipline she has in eating and exercising .

They say that behind a successful man there is a woman who drives him to move on and that is what has been reflected all these years in the Solís Salas marriage, who are an example of a couple in the middle of the show.

Being in the public eye makes them vulnerable to criticism and more women since they constantly change their look and most live from the image together with their talent, but Cristy Solís, even without makeup, receives hundreds of compliments.

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Beauty is heredity since a couple of days ago she showed her mother’s birthday in an image and despite her proud advanced age she shows that this is just a number she enjoys getting ready not only for the mirror but for herself.

In itself, the wife of Marco Antonio Solís has not talked about whether an aesthetic arrangement has been made, but if so, it has been in the hands of the best since it looks spectacular and that will be for many years more surely.