Marco Antonio Solís "El Buki" And His Beautiful Responsibility

Marco Antonio Solis

The singer published a video on social networks where he expressed to his followers what his responsibility is in this life

Marco Antonio Solís "El Buki" is a Mexican musician, singer, composer and music producer who is loved by thousands of followers for his love songs. Now Marco Antonio Solís made it clear the beautiful responsibility he has with all his followers, in a video he said that he has a very beautiful responsibility that is about transporting the public to some beautiful moment in his life with a song.

El Buki has always sung to love and without a doubt his melodies have endured over the years and in each presentation he draws some tears from the audience.

The day of the wedding of El Buki and Cristy Solís. Photo: Instagram Cristy _Solís
The day of the wedding of El Buki and Cristy Solís. Photo: Instagram Cristy _Solís

"We always associate a song with important moments in our life, I try to take them there, to that landscape with those images"

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The followers to his words reacted in a positive way and left him dozens of comments thanking him for giving him those letters that remind them of moments in their lives.

"Marco Antonio Solís, the lyrics of your songs come so many memories to our minds, and that you so beautiful that we never tire of listening to you, success friend and health."

"I love your songs and if you’re right you transport us to many places … beautiful and sad memories ah what things."

"You always manage to transport us to our most beautiful memories and feelings that is beautiful."

"God always bless my beloved brother Marcos from Venezuela with love, grace and respect for YOU." They were some of the comments left by the singer.

Marco Antonio Solís "El Buki" has also become an example for many couples since he has lived more than 25 years with his wife Cristy Solís with whom he had two daughters.

Marco and his family. Photo: Instagram Cristy _Solís
Marco and his family. Photo: Instagram Cristy _Solís

The daughters of Cristy Solís and Marco Antonio Solís "El Buki" are already beautiful singers and they also want to continue their father’s work with their music. Just in July 2018 they trained their first song "Extrañándote".

Cristy Solís has an incomparable beauty who has even been compared to her daughters by looking just as beautiful as they despite their age difference.

Buki’s wife is always seen next to her husband, he is undoubtedly his support, his support and the person he trusts the most, that is why their marriage has endured despite living in one of the eras more complicated in relationship with couples and more in the middle since there have been various divorces due to problems that they have not been able to cope with.