Exercises to prevent or combat fluid retention

Exercises to prevent or combat fluid retention

These are the ideal exercises to prevent or otherwise combat fluid retention caused by hormonal changes, a high sodium diet, pregnancy and even some medications

Sometimes our body is so swollen that we usually confuse it with fat, however, it is not that you are overweight, but that you are retaining fluids, something quite common that although it is not considered very serious, it must be addressed. You can actually prevent it by doing some exercises.

Fluid retention is a problem that arises when water becomes trapped in the body’s tissues, causing swelling mainly in the legs, hands and abdomen, as well as a feeling of heaviness and lack of agility. For this you can do some simple exercises to prevent or combat fluid retention.

Some of the causes of fluid retention are some hormonal changes , a high sodium diet , pregnancy , pressure changes and even taking some medications. It should be noted that this problem is sporadic and you can avoid it with a diet rich in protein, minerals and fluids without excess sugar and salt, as well as with the exercises that I am going to show you below.

Exercises to prevent fluid retention. Photo: Unsplash

Jumping jacks: Its name is derived from toys called jumping jacks, which are puppets with strings that are manipulated to make jumps similar to this movement. To carry them out, you must stand with your back straight, your legs together and your arms glued to the sides.

Then you will take a jump opening your legs and arms extended at the same time (you will form an X in the air with your body) when you go down, close the beat, return to your original position and repeat with rhythm for a minute. Try to keep your knees slightly bent. Rest for 30 seconds at the end and do 2 more reps.

Jumping rope: The traditional jump rope is an excellent exercise to burn calories, mark the legs and activate the lymphatic system. To start, take the classic jump by passing the rope in front of you, supporting the ball of one foot and then the other at medium speed to warm up. Jump for two minutes with smooth, firm movements. You are going to rest 20 seconds and do one more repetition.

Burpees: You will stand up straight, lower with a jump and support yourself on four points. Then you will do a push-up and return to the top with another jump. Try to do the procedure again 10 more times, rest for half a minute and repeat 2 cycles. Aerobic exercises such as burpess are ideal to combat fluid retention.

Runner squat : This exercise is nothing to write home about, all you have to do is the classic traditional squat and when you go up you will have to bend your left leg up at a 90 ° angle, just like the opposite hand as if you were in runner position. Lower, rise again, raise opposite sides and alternate until repeating a 12-beat cycle.