Foods And Substances That Are Destroying Your Stomach

Foods And Substances That Are Destroying Your Stomach

Our digestive system is the first step to be healthy, so if there is not a good function, we can never be healthy

If you have gastritis, a stomach ache, an inflammation or a swollen belly, be very careful with the foods you are consuming, such as coffee, spicy foods and many other foods and substances. When people change the schedule of our meals, we are destroying the diet causing terrible damage to the digestive system.

It is important to pay attention not to be changing the schedule in which we usually eat, it can be a difficult aspect to achieve due to the multiple occupations we have, so it will be necessary to have more discipline and establish order. Let’s not forget that we have a biological clock that is prepared to receive food at certain times, and not respecting those times causes a total imbalance.

The problem with changing a meal schedule is that we are completely changing the digestion schedule. The colon, for example, has a schedule to go to the bathroom that is from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. but if you change this time and hold on to go to the bathroom, an inflammatory pain in the stomach will undoubtedly occur, why? because we are not obeying my body’s biological clock.

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Another reason that causes terrible damage to the stomach is when we consume antibiotics in excess. Antibiotics are usually prescribed when there is an infection problem, they are usually effective in killing the bacteria that are causing the damage but unfortunately, they also eliminate the good bacteria that are responsible for achieving good digestion.

Drink 2 liters of water a day. Photo: Pixabay

As a general rule, we are not all the same, for this reason, following homemade recipes or conventional medications that helped other people, most likely not the same effect with us. For example, consuming the juice of a lemon daily is very beneficial for people, but if you have problems with acids and consume them, it will surely cause stomach damage, so it would be best to stop doing it.

One more food on the list that all adults should avoid is cow’s milk. Milk is just a marketing product that really hurts us because of lactose. In order to digest lactose, our body needs a digestive enzyme called lactase. The interesting thing is that after 4 years our body stops producing lactase, therefore after five, we can no longer digest it and that is reason enough to stop consuming it, otherwise, it will generate a lot of gases and possible allergies in the body.