Friends with Rights How far can such a relationship go?

Friends with Rights How far can such a relationship go?

The vast majority of men and women find it attractive to have friends with rights, however, there are risks that are run, and since they can end well, it can also have the opposite effect

Having friends with the right may sound very daring at first, it seems that in this way we give an open letter to everything, and if we talk about whether it is something good or bad, it will depend on the perspective of each one of us; So in today’s article we will know how far a relationship between friends with rights can go?

Commonly every relationship begins with a friendship, and as it is well known one thing can lead to the other and the other to the other, is it then that a relationship between friends with rights can exceed any limit and even become formal? In general, such a relationship does not prosper much, but since there is no rule in life that applies in a general way, the chances of this reaching more serious matters exist.

For many people, experiences of this type have been positive, and few have complained of having something like this, and it is actually something creative and risky that many have been able to enjoy, however, the possibilities of reaching a courtship formal is positioned up to 50%, so that when playing with fire we can definitely burn ourselves.

There are even those who affirm that if you can consolidate a relationship even when they start as friends with rights, but in half of the cases the relationship is not usually long-lasting, on the contrary, in very few occasions the courtship that occurs ends up being successful. In case you want to maintain a relationship between friends with rights, there are a couple of rules that must be respected, among which the following stand out:

The risks of having eligible friends can destroy your own friendship and something else. Photo: Pixabay

– "Make it clear that we are not boyfriends"
– "Don’t ruin the friendship"
– "Sex must be very good"
– "Jealousy is prohibited"
– "Do not fall in love"

And why is this type of relationship so popular? Simply because there is no great commitment, on the contrary, there is fun, pleasure and freedom, without a doubt the most dreamed of for many people of the male and female gender.

Disadvantages? emotional confusion, believing that from friendship they can easily mix feelings and fall in love, and if they do manifest their feelings, the chances of losing that friendship are high, and few are willing to take the risk.

An adventure of this type can be carried out without any problem when both are single, but being in a relationship it becomes quite a dangerous game.