Geraldine Bazán Without Makeup And At The Spa Leaves You Speechless

Geraldine Bazán Without Makeup And At The Spa Leaves You Speechless

Geraldine Bazán forgot about glamor and showed herself with a washed face, ponytail and nothing on while enjoying her spa session.

Although she always goes out of her way to give her best profile to the public and leave a good impression, she also does not forget that she is a real woman and not everything is glamor, Geraldine Bazán without makeup and at the spa leaves much to be desired, she does not look the same with all the paint and daring swimsuits that face washed and nothing on top.

After a vacation in the Riviera Maya, Geraldine Bazán has already returned to the city, but not before once again pampering herself with a session in the spa enjoying some methods that make her rejuvenate , but what she showed caused a huge surprise, leaving no words, the actress appeared without makeup leaving much to be desired, how different it looks!

Geraldine Bazán has always boasted of an exceptional face and a Goddess figure, but in front of the cameras she is the most produced and always beautiful, although from time to time she decides to show off in a natural way, without major makeup processes or elegant clothes. Rather, he prefers to give a paint-free face, leaving his fans stunned.

Geraldine Bazán
Geraldine Bazán without makeup and in the spa leaves much to be desired. Photo: Instagram.

Gabriel Soto’s ex has been characterized as one of the most beautiful faces in the Mexican show, however, it is well known that famous women can look very different with makeup and without a single drop of paint on their faces, all women are beautiful in nature, but the difference between dressing up too much and being left that way without anything, can be surprising.

Recently Geraldine Bazán documented through her social networks, everything she experienced on her luxurious vacation in the Mexican Caribbean, showing off in her most sophisticated looks, incredible casual outfits that more than one wanted to copy and of course in very colorful swimsuits to show off that barbie figure you got.

But back in the city, the actress decided to take a break before joining the routine again, so she allowed herself to be pampered in a spa, there they managed to relax her and also gave her a treatment to stay very young and radiant, disappearing those signs of age that are already noticeable at 38, left her spectacular.

However, for this process, Irina Baeva’s rival had to completely remove makeup and say goodbye to glamor, running out of a single drop of makeup and only covering herself with a towel, her hair tied in a ponytail, in the first image that She shared that she could see doing her relaxation exercises, appearing calm and surprising everyone.

But in the second post, he left more than one speechless, as he wore his hair tousled, his eyebrows unadjusted and a type of gel covering a large part of his face, while with a device they massaged his cheekbones and cheeks. That was the image that shocked more than one, because she does not look like the same glamorous and always radiant Geraldine Bazán as shown in networks.

Due to the image she gave, Elissa and Alexa’s mother immediately caused a stir, as many say that this leaves much to be desired, since she does not look at all like a Geraldine Bazán always perfect as can be seen in her publications, while that others say that even so it looks spectacular, because the one that is pretty is pretty.