Mariana Echeverría Celebrates Her Friend Faisy’s 42nd Birthday

Mariana Echeverría Celebrates Her Friend Faisy's 42nd Birthday

Omar Pérez Reyes, better known as Faisy, is a successful and popular actor and television host who today is celebrating his 42nd birthday, and his friend and partner Mariana Echeverría could not let him go unnoticed.

On the occasion of her 42nd birthday, Mariana Echeverría celebrated the birthday of her friend and also co-worker Omar Pérez Reyes, better known as Faisy, with whom she has shared fun experiences on television with programs like ‘Me caigo de laughter’ and ‘ Faisy nights’.

In the latter, the union between the two could be seen even stronger, since one of the most talked about news in the media was when Mariana fell from the heights in a dynamic that emerged in the show that is transmitted by Unicable, as a consequence From the accident, Mariana injured her leg, it swelled and had a slight injury that thanks to immediate attention she was able to heal and continue standing; but despite this, he never blamed Faisy as some fans did, on the contrary, she accepted that this was not his responsibility but her own for having dared to accept the challenge.

Me Caigo de Risa has been on the air since March 4, 2014, taking a total of seven uninterrupted seasons where it has had the presence of Mariana Echeverría, Michelle Rodríguez, Mariazel, Ricardo Margaleff and the entire dysfunctional family accompanied by star guests in which together they enliven the show with their occurrences.

And since everything that begins has to end, producer Eduardo Suárez decided that in 2021 there could no longer be a continuation of the program, because despite having been on the air for a long time, it was already necessary to finish it, or at least put one pause in between

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From last year to here, we have done it non-stop, the sixth and seventh seasons were hit. We did more than 75 programs, plus the five of the gala. I think it’s time to rest the format, declared the producer.

But despite having finished with the program, the friendship between Faisy and Echeverría has not ended, on the contrary, it continues stronger than ever, because ‘Faisy Nights’ has served as an extension of the program that entertained young and old for more than five years, and it is that right there, the driver meets another dysfunctional sister who is much loved on Mexican television, Michelle Rodríguez.

Mariana, for her part, could not avoid dedicating some emotional words to her co-worker and friend (almost brother), and to show the affection, respect and admiration so immense that she has for him is that she spoke very beautifully about him in her official account , with which, it is clear that a brotherhood that is very difficult to break has been born between the two.