Green Tea And Aloe Vera Mask To Fight Acne

Green Tea And Aloe Vera Mask To Fight Acne

This green tea and aloe vera mask helps you fight acne and leave your skin soft, it is also very easy to prepare. Get the ingredients and follow the step by step.

Nobody likes those pimples on the face that everyone notices, so prepare this green tea and aloe vera mask to fight acne and leave your skin soft, in this way you will take care of your face, you will give a much cleaner appearance and healthy and you will love the results, this beauty secret can be applied in the morning or before bed.

These pimples, which are not the exclusive case of adolescents, occur when the fat and dead skin cells obstruct and block the openings of the hair follicles, infecting with bacteria and causing these dots that everyone wants to hide, to fight them. Try this green tea and aloe vera mask to fight acne and leave your skin soft.

It is always advisable to go to a specialist who will tell you what is the appropriate treatment that your skin needs to end that acne that you do not like at all, although those tricks that have been part of the beauty secrets of the ancestors continue to work, its natural ingredients can give you results.

green tea mask
Green tea and aloe vera mask to fight acne and leave your skin soft. Photo: Pexels.

The main ingredient in this mask is green tea, which helps reduce sebum production by 50%, being excellent for fighting acne, since if this problem occurs, it is most of the time due to excess. fat, it is also a natural antibacterial that eliminates the bacteria that infect your skin.

Another ingredient in this mask is aloe vera, it works as a soothing to relieve itching in affected areas and prevents you from scratching and infecting pimples, on the other hand, due to its astringent property, it is excellent for maintaining proper hygiene in the area. affected and control the production of oil that produces acne.

Ingredients: To make this mask, all you will need are just two ingredients that are not complicated to get, you only need two green tea bags and a medium leaf of aloe vera. You surely have tea bags in your kitchen and a neighbor can sell or give you the aloe vera leaf, there are houses where it is not lacking.

Preparation: Since you have the ingredients ready, proceed to its preparation and the first thing you are going to do is anticipate to do it, because you must leave the aloe vera stalk resting in a container with half a liter of water for a full night, the next day Cut the stalk so that the aloe vera gel is exposed, you are going to remove it with the help of a spoon and you are going to place it in another container.

Then go to green tea, you are going to make an infusion with the two bags but opening them and dropping the leaves or powder in the water, then in the container that you placed the aloe vera you are going to mix a little of this infusion, you are going to stir until forming a paste, since you have it ready then you can proceed to its application.

Application: To apply it you just have to make sure that your face is clean of makeup or creams, then place the mask with your fingertips giving light massages, let it act for 15 minutes and then remove with plenty of warm water, then rinse again , but with cold water to close the pores, pat dry and apply non-greasy cream to moisturize.