What To Do For A Woman To Take The Initiative And Look For You

What To Do For A Woman To Take The Initiative And Look For You

Getting your crush to take the initiative and suggest a date is easier than you think

Times have changed and now there is nothing wrong with women taking the initiative. If your desire is for me to do it, you must know what to do for a woman to take the initiative and look for you.

The ability to seduce and especially the decision to agree to a date should not be exclusive to the male gender, since equality must also be seen in love relationships, therefore you must know what to do for a woman to take the initiative and I looked for you.

While it is true that men tend to take the lead, women can also ask someone they like out on a date and even try to make them fall in love. Today both can take the place of "hunter and prey."

Things that will make a woman look for you. Photo: Pexels

Now, would you like a girl to look for you? Do you want to stop being the first to take the initiative? You have to read the following:

Don’t chase her

When we meet a person who calls our attention, the first thing we think about is looking for her all the time, asking her for her phone number so that we can send her a message and call her. Serious mistake.

You must seek to find the balance between making yourself noticed but not seeing yourself as a stalker. There is nothing a woman dislikes more than a man who seems desperate to date.

Therefore, since you get her to know of your existence, establish little contact, generate some doubt, and then disappear for a while.

Try to be nice and funny

There is nothing more attractive to a girl than a man who always has a smile on his face. So try to make her smile so that she remembers you and wants to see you again.

Show your positive side and even laugh at yourself and make her smile with your comments, you will see that in a short time she will be thinking of you and there is a possibility that she will call you or that in the best case scenario she wants to see you.

Incorporates the use of "maybe"

Imagine that you just met a girl who catches your eye too much, instead of chasing her all over the place to talk to her and ask for her phone number, change your strategy.

Do your best to talk to her for a moment and then tell her that you need to go with your friends and maybe see each other later. You can also be a little more risky and in case you have noticed that there is chemistry between you, be the first to leave the place and give him your phone number, so that he can call you when he considers it convenient.

Try to be nice for her to look for you. Photo: Freepik

Try to get into her head

When things come too easy for her, many women lose interest. On the other hand, if there is something they love, it is challenges, since they like to strive to achieve what they want.

It will be your decision to become an easy or difficult prey. Try not to always be available to her, show her that you have a life, tell her that you are very busy or have a commitment. Surely she will be thinking about another way to see you, to get her attention or what to do for you to agree to see her.

Grab their attention the right way

Most men tend to go all out when it comes to seducing a girl, they say compliments a lot and they lower the moon and stars. Try to change those methods, be creative when saying something nice and special to the girl.

Even if you get her phone, don’t call her right away to go out, call her and tell her that you just saw an object they were talking about or something like that, and then mention that you have to end the call. In this way there is a very great possibility that you will make her smile and make her think of you all the time and want to see you.

Don’t do everything you want

Avoid doing everything she wants, as you will become her slave. You will feed her desire to become a capricious girl who brings out everything that comes to mind, something like a queen who believes she deserves everything.

If you want her to look for you, try to improvise a bit, avoid giving the impression that you are easily reachable.