Why Does A Married Man Fall In Love With His Lover?

Why Does A Married Man Fall In Love With His Lover?

These are some reasons why what started out as a ‘deliz’ turns into something stronger and a married man ends up madly in love with his lover

When a man begins an alternate relationship to the formal one, in most cases he thinks that everything will be temporary, an adventure, however sometimes his feelings betray him and after a while he realizes that he has fallen in love with his lover, Now it made him lose his mind for that woman.

It must be borne in mind that these feelings do not arise overnight in the infidel, but that considerable time passes for that woman to enter his heart. Those are the reasons why a man falls madly in love with his lover.

To begin with, the most common thing is that this relationship of lovers does not have some ingredients of marriage, such as claims, family obligations, screams and setbacks, since they try to enjoy the few moments in which they are together.

Why does a married man fall madly in love with his lover? Photo: Pexels

That is why the man falls in love with his lover, since he does not see in her the "bad things" that he experiences in his marriage. For a man who lives these situations, it is quite easy to fall in love with his lover, even going over the labels of immoral, unfaithful, bad husband or cursed.

If the man does not find understanding or new adventures in his home, he will not care much about his wife’s feelings and what began as a "slip" is going to transform into something stronger.

The forbidden is more desired: This applies to all married men seeking lovers. They love to feel the adrenaline of being with someone who is not approved by anyone, having to hide and in a way knowing that they are doing something wrong. This feeling makes him forget the pain that it can cause to his wife, and even to his children.

They feel in love: What is known as "novelty" often confuses them. At first the relationship with the lover will be very good, apart from the fact that he will not spend much time with her. Seeing only the "beautiful" it will be inevitable that he does not think that she is the woman who understands and loves him. So in his eyes it will be the perfect one.

Intimacy is very important: When a man seeks an adventure he wants to do in bed what he does not do with his wife with his lover. Surely the lover will always be available, in fact, she may demand intimacy, something that sometimes does not happen with wives. Men enjoy intimate relationships too much, so if you don’t have them at home, you will instantly fall in love with whoever gives them to you.

They feel understood: This is more common with the passage of time, the custom causes the connection and communication to be lost between the marriage. They usually end up focusing on the children or getting into arguments. This is when the lover comes in, always ready to listen when she is needed.

If you wonder why a man is capable of leaving everything for his lover, you must take into account an aspect that is too important: the unfaithful needs to cover the needs that have already passed to another plane in his home, such as the lack of passion and attention that they are extremely important and that in many cases leaves when the children arrive.