What does a married man look for in a younger woman

What does a married man look for in a younger woman

A man looks to a young woman for attention even if it costs him to pay to receive what he wants. What do you think?

Many of these married men justify the action of looking for a young lover , saying that they need action in their life, others say they require attention, but whatever their pretext, they know that if they want another woman in their life, they have to pay for it. it.

A married man looking for a young woman knows that this means investment , since they are the ones who say that with such a woman they recover their Casanova ego and feel more "men". will be?.

Specialists agree that when a married man looks for a young woman it is because they do not feel incomplete, even if they have the best wife in the world. It is like a void that they need to fill.

A lover is ready for anything when he receives money, and crumbs. Photo: Pixabay

What do you look for in a young woman?

A married man who has a young lover is because with them they recover that youth that they did not live openly as they would have liked, it is a pleasure to fulfill and verify in their masculine circle that he at that age can be seductive and have who they want .

A lover provokes

Forbidden love helps them to always feel on adrenaline, they do not want that feeling of adrenaline to disappear that for many works like that dose they require to continue raising that perfect family where everything is laughter (supported by infidelity).

Because they feel bored

When looking for another woman who is much younger than him and whose wife is like that new toy that they want to play with all the time but since they can only share a little and secretly, it transforms into that space and time in which they lose their boredom and they forget the routine that marriage wraps around them day. "It is that with her everything changes and we do not get stuck in the routine".

Better intimacy

Many of them believe they feel like gods teaching everything related to intimacy to that young lover that he meets not every day but on the occasions required to satisfy his ego and his manhood. It should be noted that everything that they generalize as to why they seek young women as lovers, is part of an investment game, we must be honest they will continue with them as long as they continue to pay them or give them details. they practically become an exchange provider.

They are more fun

They say that because they agree that they are both looking to have fun, so it’s just a momentary exchange of having a good time. "My wife is always tired." It will be good because he has to take care of the house, you, the children.

By fantasies

They go with a young woman because they have fun and they feel energized to conquer any young woman they cross. They are looking for women who are willing to have everything done for them in bed. Call it fantasies, attention, cooking etc. It’s like experiencing something new in your life regardless of the consequences.