If you feel that he cares for you and guides you, it is the place where you belong

If you feel that he cares for you and guides you, it is the place where you belong

Knowing a person, enjoying the little details, is love, but feeling that they take care of you and protect you is because you undoubtedly belong there, finding such a love is a privilege in these times

Not everyone is lucky enough to find a true love in these times, one of those who say things the way they are without lying or setting up castles in the air, but who also tells you that he loves you and you feel that he cares for you and protects you. There are almost no loves like that, so if you find one, don’t let it go.

You have wondered if there is any love that is worthwhile, the kind that when they see you hug each other tightly and make you feel that everything will be fine, that each step you take will be driven so that you get to where you want to go. Yes, it exists! But it is not given to just anyone, that is, there are loves that start well, but in the end do not work, while others came to stay in your life.

The first advice that couple experts refer is that you do not take anything for granted, that is, if your partner no longer hugs you, do not say that it is because he is tired and that you should not bother him, do not justify that he no longer answers you the messages because you think he is very busy all the time. If there are no details and attention, it is simple, love does not exist.

If you feel that they take care of you and protect you, this is the place where you belong. Photo: Freepik

Paulo Coelho says a great truth about love and relationships: “Stay with a love that gives you answers and not problems. Security and not fear. Trust and no more doubts. "

So if you do not see all these qualities you will realize that love does not exist , it is recommended to be realistic, that you do not justify anything, that what happens is so real and not subjective, that is, react to what is presented to you and if you are not at ease you should express it, never be silent.

If you really want to have someone really in your life , you should see the following: What gives you what you give, that is not selfish, that he tells you his plans in the short, medium and long term. Let him be honest with you, tell you and make you feel that he loves you, but above all that when he hugs you you feel that security in him or her.

Do not invent stories that do not exist, see what it is, if he calls you, if he sends you messages, if he is when you need him most, because there are those who tell you that they love you every five minutes, but when their support is really needed, disappear.

A true love does not need you to tell him what to do , the partner he loves does things that you can see, for example, that he comes from the nanny and makes you breakfast because he knows that you will have a heavy day, this is a small detail, but imagine if he does that right now that he will not do when you need it in other situations, that is true love.

A healthy relationship has: Hugs, kisses, love, understanding, empathy, respect, they know how to listen to each other, they do not yell, they dialogue, they take care of each other and they protect each other, they move forward together and when one of the two cannot, they are helped.