Mud Mask For A Fat Free Face And Blackheads

Mud Mask For A Fat Free Face And Blackheads

Get an oil-free, cleaner face, without blackheads and free of imperfections with this mud mask that is very easy to perform, it is an effective beauty secret.

For a woman, looking good is very important, that is why you should invest time in caring for your skin , that is why IN COUPLE you share this mud mask to show off a face without oil and blackheads , it will be free of imperfections and You will feel with a new, beautiful and dazzling skin, you will notice that the results are the most effective.

The main ingredient of this mask to show off a face without oil and blackheads is mud, which is a perfect exfoliator and detoxifier for the skin, in addition to providing oxygenation to your face, it will look healthier, smoother and brighter, just It will be enough to apply it once or twice a week to get that change that will make you look much more beautiful.

Mud has been a great beauty secret used for generations, as it helps to eliminate cellular debris, impurities, it also hydrates and improves elasticity, so don’t hesitate to pamper yourself with this mask, it is fabulous and very easy to use. perform, this way you will look better and give your face a better respite and care.

Mud mask
Mud mask to show off a face without oil and blackheads. Photo: Pexels.

This mud mask contains a high exfoliating power to help in cell regeneration, its action against impurities and toxins accumulated in the dermis is magnificent, since it helps to clean the pores in order to eliminate the appearance of blackheads and pimples, absorbs oil to remove it and remineralize the skin, so do it now.

Ingredients: To make this mask and dare to have a cleaner and more careful face, you need a cup of clay, a cucumber and a tablespoon of honey, the ingredients are easy to get, so you will not have a problem, you can get the mud in the health food stores at a great price, you will have no excuse to indulge yourself with this beauty secret.

Preparation: To prepare this mask, you will need to peel the cucumber and cut it in half, you must put it in a little water for 30 minutes to release the juice, after this half an hour, remove the cucumber and in that juice that it released, you should place the clay cup and the tablespoon of honey, you are going to stir until you get a homogeneous paste.

Application: As you may have realized, it is not complicated to make this mask, once you have achieved the homogeneous paste, then you can proceed to its application, remember that before placing it on your face, you must make sure that you have not applied cream or makeup If so, then wash thoroughly to remove any paint or cream residue.

Subsequently apply the mask on your face, avoid the eye contour, but it does cover the nose area and the entire T zone well, leave it to act for 15 minutes and then remove with warm water and pat dry with a soft towel. . Apply this mask on your face once or twice a week to notice the results.