He stopped looking for you but later he came back, what can you do

He stopped looking for you but later he came back, what can you do

Some people come in and provoke emotions but they go away for a time; the problem comes when they return with the same intentions

There are people who come into our lives, they confuse us too much , they move away but end up coming back as if nothing had happened. This is when many people come to a crossroads in knowing what to do.

A large number of people have gone through this situation at least once in their lives in which someone who moved them the deepest feelings, stopped looking for them but returned a long time later. It is here when they enter a dilemma as to what to do or how to act.

People usually meet someone who causes them a lot of emotions and feels something special, but suddenly it disappears or they stop looking for them. The problem arises when that person returns with the same goals a long time later.

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There is always the question of why someone who provoked feelings returned. Photo: Freepik

The doubts can be very big or depending on how each person handles it, but they are always present when someone came to life, moved the feelings and even confused the others, but in the end they left. However, some time passed and he returned. This is when many people do not know what to do or how to take that periodic abandonment.


Either by phone, WhatsApp or a face-to-face conversation, responding to that person is the best thing to do, contrary to those who say that if someone leaves there is no turning back. By answering, we can make sure of that person’s intentions and shake off the emotions that he or she once provoked, or outright analyze the situation and see if it is worth taking the risk.

Reason for withdrawal

Asking that person directly the reason why they left without saying anything will remove many doubts and will make them realize the intentions that they had at first and that are probably still on their mind.


Behaving in a distant way with that person makes it clear that you are not the same or the same that you were when there was some confidence. Now things have changed and a lot of that lies in the way that person walked away. Being distant will make you open up and speak the truth or flat out will make it a good decision to walk away.

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