Top Secrets To Make Relationships Last Longer

Top Secrets To Make Relationships Last Longer

Having a relationship is relatively easy, the really difficult thing is to make it last and last, and for that we have to put a lot on our part, but everything gets complicated because the other person must also do their thing

It is a fact that there is no perfect person, we all make mistakes, but there are some who, regardless of the damage they are causing, continue to commit the same actions, with which the relationship fades, and if we add to this the lies , ego, pride and much more, then we can give up everything.

To end a relationship, sometimes the slightest mistake is enough, because fortunately or unfortunately, we do not all think or act in the same way, and when this is opposed, problems come, why? because there are those who overreact to certain circumstances, and although it seems exaggerated to you, it is their way of being, and here at this point you only have two, or you accept it or you tolerate it, because it will hardly change their behavior.

Now, we cannot get rid of errors, we are imperfect beings, the real problem is that they are not solved in time; there are also people more emotionally damaged than others, and it is their insecurities, their fears, their fears and more that lead them to tolerate an unhealthy relationship.

After making certain mistakes, reaching the point of forgiveness is not an easy thing, since generally we do not like to grant it the first time, because by doing so, we would be preventing our partner from really regretting it and making an effort, however, many They decide to forgive in an effort to forget everything bad and get ahead, because even if it is hard for us to accept it, we all deserve a second chance.

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Providing forgiveness is an excellent way to show empathy and love for your partner, and this gives him the opportunity to make up for his mistake, since all fights always leave a very bitter taste, but it can be sweetened if we address the conflict correctly .

To forgive someone who has committed a very great fault, the process is not easy, since mainly trust has been affected, that is, why forgive him? if in doing so, it is most likely that he will repeat it; In addition, that person may be left with a bad idea about the consequences, since if you were able to ignore the facts out of love, then nothing happens if they do it again, the first is always the most difficult, and then you simply go taking the measure.

Love should not be that weak point that leads us to be allowing our partner to disrespect us in that way, but in the end it is everyone’s decision, since everything lies in it, or you forgive it or You get him out of your life, although this last option is the most difficult, especially when there are little ones at home who adore him.

The problem is not so much with granting forgiveness or denying it, it is rather what happens after it, because if the person does not recognize their fault or commit to being someone more loyal and thus reach a more peaceful courtship or marriage and cordial, we cannot speak then of great progress.