Ninel Conde In Transparent Dress She Is Criticized For Botox

Ninel Conde In Transparent Dress She Is Criticized For Botox

Although she was one of the best dressed in the delivery of the Latin Billboard, for many the change in the face of the "Bombón Asesino" was very noticeable

On Thursday the Billboard Latin Music Awards were held in its 2021 edition, which after a year of pandemic, were finally held in person, one of the guests of the night was Ninel Conde who swept the red carpet with a dress of transparencies and glitters in trend.

The dress that Ninel Conde used showed the singer’s characteristic cared body , an equal cape with glitter and transparencies added a touch of glamor to the occasion, the actress also decided to style her hair in the Ariana Grande style with a half bun and the rest of her hair, loose and straight.

Not everything was rosy for Ninel Conde, Internet users criticized her for “ excess botox ”, since they affirmed her face looked too outlined to be normal, others went to the extreme: "It seems like a transvestite, how much botox in the face, "emphasizing the little arrangements that had been made on the face.

Ninel Conde shines in a transparent dress but she is criticized for excess botox. Photo: Instagram

But there were also fans of the "Killer Bombón" who cheated on her, because they considered that she was one of the best dressed of the night and that she simply looked spectacular, amid the criticism they came out on the defensive of their idol and put what they had thought the actress’s outfit.

"Honestly it is wonderful, she looked like a goddess", "Beautiful and not only the dress . It’s how she dominates it, the dress is just a garment. She put the essence in that piece ”,“ Spectacular, it looks divine ”, said the fans who have supported her in every step she has taken in her career.

The support of her fans has been very important in the face of the difficult situation she is experiencing, since her husband Larry Hernández cut off the shackle that the FBI had put on him and escaped, rumors assure that she helped him and that he knows where he is, she has declared that he is in mourning.

"It is a subject that I am not prepared to delve into, but emotionally it is super difficult, it is a situation that changes your world overnight," said Ninel Conde to the program "El Colador".